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3 Ways to Take Your Child’s Birthday Party to the Next Level

When it’s time for someone’s birthday, everyone likes being fussed over on their special day. Getting birthday t-shirts is one way to show how much you care for the person celebrating. When you are going to help out with a birthday party, be sure to take the person’s age into account. There are fun birthday party ideas for 12-year-olds that would not be fun toddler birthday ideas. Having a birthday party at a fun place is always a good idea for young kids. For older kids, it’s all about getting time together without parents in the way.

If you are putting together a celebration on a budget, there are discount party decorations that are available on a number of sites. Try Oriental Trading, eBay, and Amazon to see the available prices and quantities. There are many fun kids’ birthday parties that don’t have a lot of decorations or even a theme. Often, simply getting to play together is what the kids who attend really want. When it’s a child having a birthday, the best idea is to be nearby the children but not to spend too much time with them. No kids want adults to cramp their style.

Planning your child’s next birthday party can be stressful. You want your son or daughter to feel special on their big day, and you want all their friends to have a blast. But planning decorations, food and drinks, and fun activities can easily get overwhelming. And doing a cake and a pinata year after year is going to get real old, real fast. Check out these three tips to elevate your child’s next birthday party to the next level without stressing yourself out.

    • Ditch the cake: Consider swapping out cake for ice cream or frozen yogurt! Ice cream outings are one of America’s favorite pastimes, according to research conducted by the NPD Group: 40% of Americans eat ice cream at least once in any two-week period. An average American eats ice cream nearly 29 times each year, and 90% of U.S. households “regularly” indulge in a frozen dessert.If you choose to serve ice cream at your child’s birthday party, don’t forget the ice cream spoons! You could offer different colors of ice cream spoons, or even serve a selection of flavors and have small ice cream spoons for tasting on hand.You’ll also need some disposable, individual-sized ice cream cups, unless you want to do dishes all evening. To push things over the top, consider custom cups with your birthday boy or girl’s name for a pop of personalization.
  • Use your network: When it comes to entertainment, searching the internet for great children’s entertainers can seem endless, and fruitless. Instead, invite a policeman or fireman you know to talk to the kids about what their jobs, or hold the party in a friend’s restaurant. Use your network to uncover great party venues and entertainers, instead of scrolling through search results.
  • Ask your child what they want: Every child is different, and what they loved last year might be the worst thing they can imagine this time around. As their birthday approaches, ask your child how they would like to celebrate. Maybe they don’t even want a party, but would rather go to the movies with a couple of their best friends. Or maybe they want a sleepover instead of a daytime bash (ice cream cereal for breakfast, anyone?). Listening to your child and planning their birthday celebration together is the only surefire way to make sure they enjoy their special day.

Remember, no matter how well you plan the big day, something can (and often does) always go wrong. If you focus on perfection, neither you nor your child will be able to sit back and enjoy the celebration. Fun is more important than fancy, and sometimes perfect is just boring! If you can embrace surprises and let the party happen naturally, you might have so much fun that you can’t wait to get started on next year’s blowout!