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4 Reasons to Consider Utilizing a Stainless Steel Growler

Stainless steel growler keg

While there are many alcoholic beverages in the United States, many still prefer beer. In fact, statistics gathered from 2015 found that consumers in the United States who were 21 years or older consumed 27.5 gallons of beer and cider per person annually. One popular way to consume these popular craft beers is with the use of a stainless steel growler. A growler is a type of container that is commonly used for beer. While there are glass growlers, many drinkers prefer the strength of stainless steel. With that in mind, here are four great benefits of using a stainless steel growler.

  1. Sometimes the Only Option for Certain Craft Beers

    The growler is often utilized at craft breweries. In some cases, growlers are the only to transport beer around the facility. While glass growlers are great, it’s understandable that you don’t want to think about the damage caused if this container breaks. Therefore, those who are prone to dropping items will want to strongly consider a steel growler. In addition, supporting craft beer often means keeping local workers employed. Statistics gathered from 2015 found that 85% of all craft beer was produced within the United States. If you are someone who prides themselves on buying local, you’ll definitely want to make purchases from craft breweries.
  2. Keeps Beverage Cold

    Statistics show that the craft beer in the United States is worth nearly $24 billion. Considering that, some people will also want to use a growler to consume these beverages within the privacy of their own homes. Stainless steel is often utilized in the creation of the cups that are made to keep beverages cool for longer amounts of time. Therefore, a stainless steel beer growler is perfect for those looking to not have to drink a warm craft beverage. You’ll find that growlers are useful for consuming beer around your home on especially hot days.
  3. Many Growler Customization Options

    If you’re drinking a beer from a bottle or can, you don’t have any ways to truly personalize these containers. On the other hand, growlers offer many customization options including being made from primarily glass or steel. In addition, there are even growlers that can be personalized to feature the initials of the owner or something similar. There are also many sizes of stainless steel growlers available.
  4. Enjoying Beer Without Leaving an Environmental Footprint

    It’s important to think about the environment while making purchasing decisions. If you think about it, drinking beers that are mass produced tends to leave a lot of waste behind in terms of cardboard, glass, and aluminum. Many people prefer using their stainless steel growlers in order to consume craft beer without leaving behind a large environmental footprint.

To summarize, there are several benefits associated with owning a stainless steel growler. This type of container is sometimes the only option for being able to consume certain craft beers. With that in mind, many feel a shared beer as they consume beer from growlers at a craft brewery. You’ll find that a stainless steel growler is great for keeping your beverage cold, especially during warmer months of the year. Stainless steel growlers offer many cool customization options including being able to engrave these containers. Therefore, a personalized stainless steel growler is a special gift idea for yourself or someone special in your life. Consuming beer by using a growler means not having to toss out countless bottles and cans. In turn, you’ll find that a growler helps to reduce your overall environmental footprint.