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A Look At The Coffee Industry Of The United States

Coffee is a hugely popular drink all throughout the United States, as too are various tea beverages. As a matter of fact, data reflects this, showing that more than half of the adult population of this one country alone drinks coffee of some sort on a daily basis and more than a quarter of the population still drinks coffee occasionally, even if they do not drink it every single day. And it is actually common for the average coffee drinker to have just over three total cups of coffee in this span of time. And half of the population of adult Americans will even consume various types of specialty coffees on a regular basis, coffees that range from espressos to cappuccinos to iced coffees and cold brews and beyond.

There are certainly a great many reasons to drink coffee, from specialty coffee types to even just mix coffee prepared in your very own kitchen. For one thing, drinking as few as three cups of coffee (and anywhere from three cups to five cups in total) on a daily basis actually can drop your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by as much as a full 65% at the end of the day. It can also seriously drop your risk of developing any other type of dementia as well.

In addition to this, coffee, from mix coffee and beyond, is a great way to wake up in the morning – though it is still important to note that all types of coffee will have different levels of caffeine. Making coffee at home is hugely popular, typically from mix coffee. Mix coffee is inexpensive to buy, one of the reasons that up to 86% of all people will make their coffee at home, often with the use of mix coffee. However, the prominence and popularity of mix coffee does not mean that people won’t stop at their favorite coffee shop for a specialty drink, perhaps even to just change things up from the mix coffee that they consume on a daily basis.

And an independent coffee shop is something that many people feel quite strongly about indeed and it is in part because of this that so many small and independent coffee shops are thriving. At the current date, such coffee shops actually are able to bring in a collective $12 billion or so on a yearly basis. From serving specialty coffee aside from mix coffee to simply providing a quiet and cozy place to work and study, complete with free wifi, there are many ways in which a small independent coffee shop can get on the path to success.

For one thing, having a variety of options aside from just specialty coffees as an alternative to mix coffee is quite hugely important indeed. In many cases, the independent coffee shop in question will offer an array of food options, as many people will like to have a bit to eat when having a cup of coffee or tea. Sandwiches and pastry are becoming staples in the typical coffee shop and so too, in many ways, is soup. Soups can be both light and hardy and are typically quite inexpensive both to make and buy. Therefore, soups are quite perfect for the average small coffee shop, particularly if said small coffee shop is located in a place with cold weather during part of the year – after all, the collective total for bowls of soup eaten in the United States reaches as high as 10 billion on a yearly basis alone. For the warmer months, smoothies of all kinds offer the perfect alternative on a hot summer’s day.

Ultimately, coffee is a hugely important part of our culture as we know it. So many of us drink coffee each and every day, and so many of us could not live without it. Coffee and tea alike are staples for so many people all throughout the country and truly all throughout the world in its entirety as well. Therefore, we cannot underestimate the importance of both mix coffee and the typical local coffee shop, both of which serve a key role in such important things.