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Best Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers? Start with a CO2 Growler

If you’re looking to put a smile on the face of the craft beer lover in your life, giving them a co2 growler may be the perfect place to start. One of the best gifts for beer lovers, the co2 growler keeps beer fresh and carbonated. Beer advocates everywhere are in the market to buy growlers, and if you are, too, here’s some helpful tips and info to get you started.

What is a growler? Good question. Used to transport beer–specifically, take-out craft beer– a co2 growler is a type of a vessel. Variations of the co2 growler include a stainless steel growler or ceramic growler. These, along with glass versions, are the best beer growlers. They are usually air tight. A vacuum sealed growler will keep the beer fresh and carbonated for roughly ten days.

What are the different types of growlers? The market for beer growlers is growing. An insulated stainless steel beer growler can be turned into a personalized growler for an added touch of thoughtfulness. A custom growler is one of the more unique growlers available. Or, a screw-on cap might be personalized with the owner’s name to create a custom co2 growler. There’s also an extra-large growler available that seems like a personal keg. With all the different kinds of growlers for sale, the only limit is your imagination.

Who makes craft beer? And who drinks it? Well, that’s actually two questions, but they do go together. To answer, here are some eye-opening statistics: the craft beer market in the United States is worth $23.5 billion. And here’s more to think about: of the whole beer industry, 12% of the market is made up of craft brewers. These small, independent beer makers are taking the are of brewing to a whole new level–and taking the co2 growler along with them.

As far as who is drinking craft beer, for Americans who are once-a-week beer drinkers, there is an average total of 14%. That is a lot of beer drinking. But when you add in the fact that craft beer drinkers vary up their beer choice selections with the seasons, the options multiply. But it’s true: a total of 84% do this. Naturally, this will lead to an increased demand for craft beer choices.

And then, of course, this will increase the call for more unique growlers, custom growlers and craft beer accessories. Sounds like a wonderful time for the craft beer lover in your life!