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Facts On Lids

Wholesale paper coffee cups

Across the United States, there are plenty of items that often go underappreciated and are completely taken for granted. Now, these items are not something that will come to mind when you begin to think about what you use on a daily basis, like a car for instance. Instead, these items will often be disposable items that are small in physical scale and yet are used almost every single day by people across the country.

One example of an item that is underappreciated is something that is often used to contain hot liquids like coffee and soup. This item is none other than the lids that are put on top of containers, coffee cups, and even a small coup container. Without lids, these hot liquids would spill everywhere and could easily burn people if the liquid is hot enough. Here are all of the facts on why lids are so important.

Right now, the United States coffee market has an estimated retail value of $48 billion dollars. Within this market, specialty items make up over half of the value share for the coffee market. All of these coffee items, specialty items included, all require a lid when purchased from a coffee store by customers. This is one way in which lids are important to people across the nation.

Experts have gathered and studied different kinds of data and statistics surrounding the consumption of coffee by Americans. Some of these stats have concluded that the average American consumer will drink 1.5 cups of coffee every single day. More often than not, this coffee will be consumed in the workplace and lids will be necessary for the wholesale coffee cups provided.

Other statistics have determined that just about 50% of all United States citizens will drink an espresso, cappuccino, latte, or iced/cold coffees. This percentage of the population is the equivalent of just about 150 million Americans drinking these types of specialty coffees, which all require lids. This means that half of the population needs lids for their daily coffee consumption.

Another situation that will require durable and sturdy lids is the consumption of soup. Hot soup can be just as dangerous as coffee in terms of the probability that it ends up burning someone if they spill it. That is why it is recommended to consume soup in a bowl or container that allows for the utilization of lids as well.

Right now, Americans are likely to eat more than 10 billion bowls of soup every single year. This is an amazing statistic to think about, even if you yourself are not a soup fanatic. As of 2016, just about 32% of all deli based stores decided that they wanted to concentrate on enhancing their soup station area. This includes not just improving the quality and selection of soup but also providing the highest forms of lids for customers to utilize.

In Conclusion

There is no question that people use lids on a daily basis throughout their lives. Unfortunately for the lids that are being used, these people completely disregard just how effective these lids are at doing the job required. This material helps keep food warm while also helping the consumer avoid getting burned or dealing with a large spill that could ruin a cars interior design.