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How to Be Competitive in the Coffee Industry

Wholesale coffee cups

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. It is one of the most sold items at the grocery store and there are millions of coffee shops, located around the world. These facts can make it difficult to emerge into the coffee service business. Sure, there are a lot of potential customers, but you have to prove that your coffee product is superior and that your coffee drinking accessories are better. Before flashing that now open sign, make sure you are considering the following successful coffee business requirements.

How good and different is your coffee product?
Although many coffee drinkers add coffee creamer and other additives to their coffee, they still want a coffee base that is of high quality. If you expect to charge customers for coffee, you need to give them value. What sets you apart from other coffee shops in the area? Do you use better coffee beans? Do you roast your coffee in a way that gives it a better taste? Do you serve only organic coffee products? Specialty coffee represents 37% of US coffee cups and is considered to be the highest quality in the world. This information will set you apart from competitors and will be important in growing a strong customer base.

How will you serve your coffee?
There are also different types of coffee drinkers. You have your morning coffee drinker who wants a quick pick me up. They usually want something that is strong, quick, and plain. You also get your specialty coffee drinkers, the ones that want a product that also tastes good. These are your coffee drinkers that will try the seasonal products and will also be very loyal, if you can create a drink that they like. Approximately 35% of coffee drinkers prefer black coffee, but this number is declining as specialty drinks become even more popular.

Considering the type of coffee drinker you are targeting will help you decide how you will serve your coffee. If you have a lot of fast coffee drinkers that simply want black coffee, you will need an efficient drive thru. If you have specialty coffee drinkers that come and spend time in your shop, you will want to create a comfortable and efficient environment. The longer that they stay in your coffee shop, the more product they are likely to buy. Make sure you provide plenty of to go coffee cups and wooden coffee stirrers.

Don?t forget about the coffee accessories
You might be surprised to learn that skimping on the quality of coffee serving accessories can actually lose your business too. You can serve the highest quality of black coffee, but having cheap creamers and flavoring syrups can be problematic. Serving your coffee drinks in cheap paper cups that do not properly insulate the cup can also prevent customers from returning. Avoid using cheap wooden coffee stirrers that fall apart in the drink. These minor problems can quickly anger a customer and give you a poor reputation in the coffee drinking world. Spending a little more on quality paper cups and wooden coffee stirrers can give you a higher brand reputation and make customers feel more comfortable about the price of your coffees.

Bring in additional revenue from coffee products
Many coffee drinkers have a favorite coffee cup or thermos. You can bring in additional revenue by offering these types of products in your coffee store. The retail value of the U.S. coffee market is estimated to be $48 billion with specialty comprising approximately 55% of that value share. Additionally, having a high quality coffee product can encourage customers to purchase your coffee to brew at home. Make sure you are not missing out on this popular market.

Coffee is everywhere. You probably have a cup of coffee before you leave the house in the morning. You might even drink additional coffee cups throughout the day. You also likely have your favorite coffee shop destination. In order to become that preferred coffee shop, you have to consider many factors. Consider the quality of the coffee, coffee drinking accessories like wooden coffee stirrers, and even the shop environment.