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If I Could Take A Bath In Guacamole, I Totally Would

Easy guacamole recipe

As a native Californian, I am happiest when I walk into a gathering and find fresh spicy guacamole dip waiting for me. If you are not from a border state, or if you have lived your life under a rock, you might wonder What is guacamole and why would I want to eat a spicy guacamole dip? Aside from being about the most wonderful thing to eat in the entire world, spicy guacamole dip is a meal accompaniment made from smashed avocados. Classic guacamole recipes usually also include onions tomatoes, chili peppers and seasoning. Fresh guacamole dips are the highlight of any Mexican themed meal. A cook can always add extra chillies to make a more spicy guacamole dip. Along with its spreading popularity is the rising likelihood you might find a most creative twist on it. Recently someone served it to me with a dash of pesto for a truly ethnically infused dish. I prefer a bit of a spicy guacamole dip but yours does not need to be spicy if you do not like it that way. But this food writer likes her food to walk up and punch her in the face with flavor.

Every now and again you might hear someone whine about guacamole calories or guacamole nutrition. Feel free to verbally slap them across the face a few times. The fat is guacamole is healthy fat that your body needs. So grab a spoon and dig in to the mountain of green tasty lusciousness. A little bit of spicy guacamole dip never hurt anyone. Except for that guy at the party who tried to finish it before I had my share.