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Microgreens are a Feast for the Senses

Crystallized flowers

Microgreens, which are the seeds found in vegetables and edible herbs. Common microgreens include beet, kale, radish, broccoli, and celery, among others. Being colorful and lovely to look at, microgreens can spice up dishes in ways that make them attractive to the eye, nose, and palate. From a visual perspective, chefs and others in the restaurant industry have long capitalized upon the attractiveness that microgreens bring to a plate as a garnish. The potential for sprucing up a dish, however, goes far beyond a bit of parsley to the side of your egg plant parmesan.

The history of the microgreen goes back hundreds of years and spans across oceans and continents; from the monks, who, during medieval times, preserved micro greens to treat common illnesses like cold and flu, to the use of the bee balm flower, which American colonists used as a substitute for tea after the Boston Tea Party. Today, microgreens are widely available in crystal form, which adds a unique twist of sweetness and beauty to a dish. An example of this are basil crystals, and candied flowers. Candied flowers are basically sweetened, sugar flowers that can enhance desserts such as cakes, pies, fruit dishes, and ice cream; it is not an understatement to say the the possiblities are endless.

The crystallization of candied flowers can also be found in herbs in the form of herb crystals. Those who cook are familiar with the basil and the flavor that it adds to recipes. Basil crystals put a spin on ordinary basil and adds a sweetness and crispness to a particular dish. The addition of basil crystals to your standard salad, which is so flexible and versatile when it comes to ingredients, opens up a endless possibilities. When it comes to food, the texture a factor that is not far behind taste. Hence, microgreens like basil crystals allow chefs and other food aficionados more options when searching to create a unique, satisfying recipe. Next time you are at a restaurant, ask if the chef can add some basil crystals to your caesar salad.