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Need To Buy A Reefer Trailer? Here’s What You Need To Know About New And Used Units

What Is A Reefer Trailer

A reefer trailer is a refrigerated trailer unit that is hauled by a semi truck. A reefer unit is used primarily for transporting temperature sensitive items or perishable foods. These units are capable of staying cool by the use of either diesel powered generators or cryogenic cooling systems. Diesel systems can be attached to the container that is being pulled, while cryogenic systems utilize frozen carbon dioxide to keep the interior cool.

New Reefer Trailers For Sale Vs Used

When looking to buy a reefer trailer there are a few key decisions to make. There are pros and cons to buying both new and used trailers, and depending on your specific needs.

Many companies will purchase lightly used reefer trailers to help get many benefits of new trailers, without the higher price tag. This can be a smart option if you need to buy multiple trucks for your fleet.

New reefer trailers for sale are a good choice for those who need one or two reliable trailers. You know exactly what you’re getting, and you won’t have to worry about runtime hours, or unknown wear and tear.

How Reefer Trailers Age

If you’re familiar with dry trailers, than you’ll know that the integrity of the trailer is important. When it begins to rust or wear down, it can compromise the items being hauled inside. All of these issues still apply to reefer trailers; however, repairing old damaged panels is an even bigger deal, as it prevents the interior temperature from being properly regulated. Additionally, the cooling system may also be in need of repairs. When buying used, always ask the important questions about runtime and wear, and if you see any issues, don’t hesitate to look elsewhere.

Aging can also be a significant factor when it comes to deciding between used and new reefer trailers for sale; with new trailers you know that major repairs won’t be necessary for at least a couple years.

Reefer Runtime Hours

As mentioned above runtime hours are important when it comes to reefer units. A 5 year old trailer unit what only has 10,000 runtime hours is better than a 3 year old unit with 15,000. On average a trailer can long around 3 to 4 thousand hours per year, so if you see a used reefer that is only a couple years old with more than 10,000 hours logged, it may be best to look elsewhere. This is because the more hours that are logged, the more likely it is that the cooling system could break down and leave your good compromised.