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Six Tips For Putting Together The Perfect Menu

There really is nothing quite like enjoying an ice cream cone or some other frozen treat on a hot summer day. In fact, the average American eats more than 48 pints of ice cream annually and 90% of American households are been found to regularly eat frozen treats.

The heat of summer sends tourists and families everywhere into local ice cream shops. If you’re the purveyor of such a shop, you know that summertime is a boon time for your business. You want your shop to be the spot people come to for their frozen treats and you want them to feel comfortable and content as they enjoy their ice cream.

One of the best things you can to maximize your business in the summer is by creating a perfect menu. Ice cream shops aren’t all just colored spoons and paper cups and straws and bowls; it’s about the frozen treats and having a killer menu will keep customers coming back to your establishment.

How can you create the perfect menu? Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Use visual aids: If your ice cream and frozen treats are the best in town, use the menu to show that off. Who wouldn’t like to dig in to a delectable sundae with colored spoons after seeing a picture of one on a menu? Pictures and other visual aids will help drive your sales up because customers can see what they’re ordering. This may lead them to order old favorites or maybe try something new that looks appetizing.
  • Choose words carefully: Pictures can help your menu stand out, but words are important too. A creative description of a confection can do just as much to sway a customer as a picture and you can describe what a confection looks like, tastes like, smells like and even how a customer feels while enjoying it. Don’t be too direct, but don’t be over the top either. Have some fun with it.
  • Menu = culture: Keep in mind that your menu should reflect your business’ culture. If your store is all about quirkiness and having fun, let the menu reflect it. Make sure you’ve got some old favorites on the menu, but don’t be afraid to showcase your shop’s creativity either.
  • Menu = marketing: Your perfect menu needs to be more than just prices, paper ice cream cups, colored spoons, ice cream and waffle cones. Your menu is your brand. It tells customers who you are and what you’re about.
  • Get creative: Once again, there’s nothing wrong with having banana splits and hot fudge sundaes on your menu. Everyone enjoys digging into those with different colored spoons. But if you want your ice cream shop to really stand out, having some unique items can be a big help. New items will help you stand out and customers should be enticed enough to try your treats. One of the best things you can do is to put a twist on an old favorite because it’s something a customer is familiar with, but is also intrigued enough by to order. Don’t forget the supplies either. Colored spoons add another element to your confections and you can have paper cups and other supplies with a creative company logo on them. Remember, it’s all about offering customers a unique experience when they come in.
  • Show care with pricing: You know it and the customer knows it: your business exists to serve customers and make money. But pricing can be a delicate thing when it comes to menu planning. One idea is to do away with prices and dollar signs all together. When a customer reads a menu and looks at a price, they may make a decision based on that price. By cutting prices out, you let the customer focus on ordering something they’ll enjoy rather than trying to wrestle mentally with spending a few extra dollars.

By taking time to plan a well-thought out, creative and visually pleasing menu that showcases all your sweet treats, you can make your business stand out from the competition and keep a steady flow of customers coming in during the summer.