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Three Ideas for Making Healthy Desserts

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You like to be sinful but nice at the same time. You like to eat healthy meals and have low fat snacks, but you really crave deserts. After all, who does not want more deserts in their diet? There are an array of healthy desserts you can prepare for yourself, though. Some healthy desserts are simply smaller portions. Others substitute for healthy ingredients. Whatever you chose for your healthy deserts, be sure that you are getting the healthy desserts that are right for you.

The first idea for healthy desserts is to simply serve smaller portions. Most people do not need more than an ounce to fully enjoy the bounty of healthy desserts or even unhealthy deserts. Make bite size deserts, and serve them in very small dishes, like a shot glass. The variation allows you to mix and match healthy desserts with your friends. That way, you and your friends always have a healthy variety of different desserts.

Another set of healthy dessert ideas involve substituting some ingredients for healthier alternatives. If you use cream cheese, for instance, consider using whip cream instead. If you are using sugar, perhaps you can use splenda. Of course, you can always use margarine instead of butter.

Of course, you can also make simple desserts that are healthy. You can make sure that your deserts have only two or three ingredients. For instance, use only sugar and egg yolks with two other ingredients. The combinations that can result from all sorts of these recipes are amazing.

If you ever want ideas for healthy desserts, these ideas are everywhere. All you need to do is look in various cookbooks, online, or even ask some of your friends. Just do not delay with healthy desserts. Creating them means that you can lose weight and fast. Failure to do so means that you may grow fat and lethargic.