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Three Things You Don’t Know About Ice Cream


Look — everyone loves ice cream, and with good reason. Ice cream may have once been intended to be a hot weather treat. But in this day and age, ice cream is about a lot more than cooling down during the summer, right? Many of us tend to have ice cream at almost any special occasion — even around Christmas! But why is it that we’re so obsessed with ice cream? What makes you want to go out and buy an ice cream cup rather than staying in and making a batch of cookies. The fact is that ice cream has expanded beyond just the original product. From frozen yogurt to gelato, ice cream has come to cross the globe, and the flavor options are endless. How popular, exactly, is ice cream? And for that matter, what sets regular ice cream apart from the more creative options? (Not that you have to choose. By all means, you should never have to choose when it comes to ice cream. Eat all the ice cream you want!) So let’s dive into ice cream, and explore a few facts you might not know about this delicious sweet treat.

1. Ice Cream Is More Popular Than You’d Think

You know that ice cream is popular, sure. It’s hard to walk around on a hot summer’s day without seeing someone with an ice cream cup in hand, right? But you may not understand exactly how much ice cream we eat each year. The average American is predicted to eat ice cream 28.5 times a year. Indeed, in a two-week period it’s believed that 40% of Americans will eat ice cream. It’s true that we’re more likely to eat ice cream during the summer than during any other season, with June being the month in which the most ice cream is eaten. So the next time you find yourself eating ice cream out of a tub — or a cone, or a cup — don’t feel alone. Believe us when we say that there a lot more people eating ice cream out there than you might think! And for that matter, the popularity of ice cream isn’t going anywhere soon. Ice cream has been popular for a lot longer than many know, and its popularity will last for years to come.

2. Ice Cream Is Ancient

Today, you can walk up to just about any ice cream parlor and get an ice cream cup for an affordable price. But once upon a time, ice cream was a lot more difficult to make — because ice cream was being made long before the invention of ice cream makers or even electricity. As you can imagine, ice cream was originally made with hot climates in mind. Initially, ice cream was made in countries like China and the Middle East, by ancient cultures. As it gained more popularity, however, it extended to the Roman empire. Everyone came to ice cream sooner rather than later. That’s why we have ice cream in America today, gelato in Italy, and many more sweet, frozen treats across the globe.

3. There Is A Difference Between Ice Cream And Other Desserts

Some believe that ice cream is the same thing as any similar-looking product. It looks the same as frozen yogurt and gelato, so they must be the same, right? Not so much. There’s a big difference between an ice cream cup and a gelato cup — and even a frozen yogurt cup. Ice cream is made with milk, along with sugar and flavorings. Frozen yogurt, on the other hand, is in fact made with yogurt — creating tarter product with a more liquid consistency. Gelato, on the other hand, is made with ingredients similar to ice cream, but the consistency is different. While ice cream has 50% air after it’s churned, gelato only has about 40% air and three to 8% milkfat. This creates a creamier, richer product. But you don’t have to choose between these products; try them all!