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Tips for Serving a Healthy Meal on a Busy Schedule

Grass fed steaks and free range chicken

It can be difficult to feed your family a healthy and filling meal when you have a hectic schedule. Not only is it close to impossible to get everyone together around the dinner table, but it is even less likely to serve them a healthy meal. With enough planning ahead, you can change out those quick, low nutrient filled meals for something that is better for them.

Meal plan

When you meal plan, you are more likely to stick to your intended meals. Create a schedule prior to the week with planned meals. Attempt to purchase all of the needed food items ahead of time and freeze or store them accordingly. If you have access to the needed ingredients for a healthier meal, it is much easier to serve it. When planning your meals for the week, keep health in mind. Consider foods that will create a well balanced meal, as well as take food preferences into consideration. Chicken is a great go to meal. It is both healthy and quick to cook. The majority of people like chicken in some form. On average, Americans consume 90 pounds of chicken every year.

Use the convenience of the internet

The internet has made many daily activities more convenient, including meal planning and shopping. There are a variety of apps on your mobile device that you can use to meal plan and to look for healthy food alternatives. Additionally, you can use the internet to buy steaks online or look up grass fed meat recipes. With the internet, you can take almost any food item and turn it into a delicious meal. When you buy grass-fed steak online, you have more control over where you purchase from as well. Previously, you were limited to the food markets that were local to your area.

Arrange for a delivery service

Adding to the convenience of the internet, you can also arrange for your food items to be directly delivered to your house. This takes out the menial and time consuming task of frequent grocery shopping. You can pay more attention to getting your children from point A to point B and completing necessary work tasks. When you buy grass-fed steak online, you simply setup a delivery schedule. You can choose to have your grass-fed meat delivery weekly, bi weekly, or even monthly. If you find that you are not going through your beef stock as quickly as expected, you simply skip over your meat deliveries. You will also find many online grocers that ship other healthy food items, including fruits and vegetables.

Research healthy alternatives

Food recommendations and diets are constantly changing, making it difficult to know what is actually healthy for your family and what is not. Regularly researching healthy alternatives can help you better understand the health benefits. Over time, you will develop a good idea of which foods should be used in lieu of other, less healthy ones. For example, when you buy wild sockeye salmon online or when you buy grass-fed steak online, you are providing your family with meats that are rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Beef from grass-fed cows have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and offer more vitamins A and E. Additionally, wild salmon has 32% fewer calories than its farmed counterpart, according to data from the National Nutritional Database. The best part is that you are unlikely to notice much of a difference in taste. Your family may not even realize that you have switched out their usual food items.

Raising a family is a tough job. It is time consuming and hectic. Somewhere in the middle of this craziness, you have to also serve your family healthy food dishes. You can achieve this by meal planning, using the internet to shop for your healthier food items, and set up regularly scheduled deliveries. You can also buy grass-fed steak online that will mimic the usual steak items, but offer added health benefits.