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What Are The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors?

Paper ice cream cups

Ice cream makes the world go ’round. No, really! This cold and tasty treat has been a staple in countless cultures for hundreds of years, dating back to ancient societies that would cool off with fruit, milk and shaved ice. Modern ice cream businesses are as popular as they’ve ever been, selling all sorts of flavors and styles all days of the year, but that doesn’t mean they can’t shake up their image once in a while. From ice cream cups with lids to waffle cups to testing spoons, a little goes a long way in creating a memorable ice cream experience for your customer base. Are you an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop looking to bolster your supply list and attract more customers? Read on!

Ice Cream Around The World

Ice cream has extensive origins reaching back many thousands of years. It’s thought that the very first form of this delectable modern staple was found in ancient China, created through a frozen mixture of milk and rice. Various Arab countries, as well, would maintain snow in special underground chambers to create frozen delicacies in the scorching hot months. European gelato is still a huge favorite to this day, characterized by its incredibly thick and smooth texture pioneered in Italy. Nowadays you can find many different varities of ice cream, such as ice cream mochi in Japan or North America’s favorite ice cream sandwich!

American Ice Cream

According to recent research, 40% of Americans will eat ice cream in a two-week period. That’s no small sum to sneeze at! There are an estimated 2,500 frozen yogurt stores around the country, creating the sundaes and milkshakes that 90% of American households regularly indulge in. When it comes to yearly production, the United States sees a stunning 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar desserts produced every single year without fail. While gelato is known for containing anywhere from 3% to 8% milkfat alonside 25% air, American ice cream often has more than 50% air after the churning process is completed. Smooth and thick or fluffy and creamy — you decide!

Consumer Favorites

Times may pass and styles may change, but some things never go out of style. A recent survey by the International Ice Cream Association found that vanilla is still the go-to flavor for the majority of consumers at 28%. Strawberry and chocolate follow close behind, alongside more quirky flavors like pistachio and mint. Waffle cones are quickly becoming a mainstay due to their dual ability to provide a crunchy finale to the ice cream experience, avoiding the sticky mess often associated with the traditional cone. Any successful ice cream business needs to keep these trends in mind if they want to keep customers coming back for more!

Yogurt And Ice Cream Supplies

Whether it’s ice cream cups with lids or tasting spoons, pairing convenience with your tasty treat will encourage more loyal customers in the long-term. Disposable ice cream cups are essential for children who are often raring to go, while waffle cups are a favorite among couples looking to share. Ice cream cups with lids are useful for people who might want to take their frozen treat home with them, so make sure you’re stocked up for any possible need your customers might have. Last, but certainly not least, keep tasting spoons on hand for your customers to try new flavors at their leisure. With all these tools and flavors at your disposal, your brand is bound to succeed for years to come!