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What Factors Should You Look When Purchasing a Commercial Dough Sheeter?

In the past few years, the commercial bakery industry in the United States has registered steady growth. Studies show that the industry has grown from $26.2 billion in 2008 to $30.9 billion in 2014. This is a huge industrial growth recorded in a period not exceeding seven years. Therefore, if you operate in the commercial bakery industry, you can consider increasing production so that you can make maximum use of the current market.

Having a commercial dough sheeter will play a critical role in increasing your production capacity. This is industrial equipment that can help you to produce large quantities of dough-based food products. A dough sheeter machine will standardize production and lower production time at the same time. But, what makes a good commercial dough sheeter?

1. Variable Speed Options

In a commercial bakery, sometimes you will need to increase your production capability so that you can meet consumer demand. However, there are times when you will need to maintain a stable production line to serve customers on the waiting line. As such, you need a system that has variable speed options to be applied when necessary. Variable speed will give you operational flexibility and vary your production rate with market demand. In some instances, slow speed will be necessary to prevent dough from breaking.

2. Power Consumption

Commercial restaurant equipment will be used every day and sometimes multiple times in a day. Therefore, you need to take caution about the energy consumption of your system. There are several systems out there in the industry that have different power consumption levels. It is important to opt for an efficient dough sheeter as it will help you to save energy costs in several years. Because you are operating commercially, saving energy costs is essential for the success of your business.

3. Equipment Hygiene

In order to keep up with the regulatory standards, any machine that you will incorporate in your commercial bakery facility should be hygienic and easily cleaned. As you already know, issues to do with hygiene in the food industry could have negative impacts on your business. The dough roller machine should be easy to clean when it comes into contact with dough and other food materials in the kitchen. You can easily get a stainless steel commercial dough sheeter that does not catch dirt easily.

4. Ease of Use

A commercial dough sheeter is standard equipment that is common in almost any commercial bakery. Therefore, using it should not be rocket science. Every person who has been in dough-based restaurants and stores should be able to use this system without a struggle. A dough roller machine, even the one with modern controls, should be easily used. If your employees are finding it hard to operate, then the equipment is not right for your business.

5. Technical Maintenance

After using your commercial dough mixer for several years, parts will need to be replaced. In such circumstances, you need to be sure about the parts to use and how the manufacturer will assist you. You also need to know whether your manufacturer will offer regular repair and maintenance under the terms of the warranty. This explains why you need to take into account the warranty and post-warranty conditions of the equipment.

6. Equipment Quality and Durability

Your dough sheeter machine will work for many hours and days. Because of this, you will need a dough mixer machine that has been built to handle constant use without wearing out with ease. Solid equipment will be worth thousands of dollars but has the necessary quality to serve you for several years. You should consider stainless steel as it is durable and does not corrode.

When you are looking for a dough sheeter for sale, these are some of the factors you can never ignore. A commercial dough sheeter is important restaurant equipment that you should have in your bakery so that you can control ingredients and standardize production.