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What’s In A Taco? Why Mexican Food Remains A Top Menu Preference For Weddings And Parties

Planning a party is a lot of work.

You have invitations to send out. Places to rent and rooms to decorate. Music to play. It can seem like a nightmare getting it all to go off without a hitch…and that’s before you even get to the most essential part of any memorable event. The food! When you’re starting to tear your hair out from the stress and need a little convenience to keep your party in one piece, consider reaching out to a catering service. They’re designed from the ground up to provide delicious spreads to satisfy dozens, even hundreds, of people without making you feel even crazier.

What could some Mexican food do to add some life to your next birthday bash or employee get-together?

You Won’t Have To Look Very Far

Mexican food is the most popular ethnic food in the United States. Just how popular is it? It’s estimated one out of every 10 restaurants in the country sells some form of Mexican food, be it burritos or nachos, and it beats out even Italian and Chinese for sheer accessibility! Event catering services offer all kinds of goodness, but you won’t have to look very far to find one that can give you the very best Mexican food for your baby shower. Mexican food is tasty, healthy and comes in all sorts of varieties to make your menu stand out.

A Healthy Choice For All Kinds Of Diets

The only thing better than a good, hot meal? A good, hot meal that treats you right hours later. By the time April of 2017 rolled around there were over 59,000 Mexican restaurants in the United States. It’s also thought Mexican cuisine represents nearly 10% of all restaurants in the country. It’s not hard to see why this cultural cuisine has such staying power. Mexican food utilizes all five major food groups, able to satisfy those who love pork and those who adhere to a strict vegetarian diet without compromising any of the essential nutrients needed to live a good life.

Mexican Ingredients Are Just Delicious

There’s nothing quite like a crunchy taco to cure what ails you. Taco catering is a great way to supplement your event and get it into fighting shape for the afternoon and evening. Today 50% of women admit planning their wedding is more stressful than they ever could have imagined, with one study finding a shocking 11 hours per week just plotting out the details. Mexican food catering can take some of that responsibility off your hands, with professionals keen on providing you tasty food delivered hot, fresh and ready to go.

Perfect For Just About Any Occasion

You don’t have to worry about a menu when you hire professionals to craft a Mexican catering menu. Soft tacos can make for simple, hearty food for your evening gathering. Crunchy tacos can make for tasty options that’s easy to grab, carry and eat during an outside party. You can even get a little fancy with more elaborate varieties with different kinds of dip! Today salsa has become the number one condiment around the world, beating out even ketchup and mayonnaise.

Getting Started With Catering Services

Tacos are popular. Tacos are healthy. Tacos are tasty. When you’re tired of being tired and just want a break after all the planning, reaching out to a catering service will fill in the gap and with aplomb. Back in 2016 over 230 million Americans turned to Mexican food and ingredients to create their lunches, snacks and party menus. When you have a wedding that needs to go off without a hitch or a birthday you’ve been looking forward to for months, there’s nothing quite like a custom taco bar to make your guests’ eyes light up.

Feeling hungry? Taco pairings make for a festive, fun and healthy menu that’ll get people’s mouths watering.