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Where to Find Some Great Ice Cream

Americans love a frozen treat, and for over a century, ice cream has satisfied many people’s sweet tooth. But that’s not all. Ice cream is often the standard frozen treat today, but it is also joined by the likes of gelato, frozen custard, sherbet, and Mexican paletas. There are all kinds of flavors and condiments out there for these treats, and many surveys and statistics show just how popular they can be. But what are Mexican paletas, and where can someone find an ice cream parlor? A hungry customer can look up “best paletas around miami”, for example, or “late night ice cream in miami” if they want a treat while spending a night out on the town. Entering “late night ice cream in miami”, for example, will show lots of results, and someone looking for “late night ice cream in miami” may specify their ZIP code or even specify what kind of flavors they want an ice cream parlor to offer.


For those unfamiliar with them, paletas are essentially Mexican popsicles, and they come in a wide variety of flavors, some of which may be exotic for American customers. Sometimes, paletas are sold at parlors, while other times, a customer may find them being sold at a small stand on wheels, such as in a park. Some of these paletas may be sold in Spanish-speaking shops, but good flavor is universal.

What kind of flavors may be offered? Some will be recognizable such as strawberry paletas or coconut, but others may be flavored after tangerines, almonds, butter, coffee, raisin rum, and more. Thee can make for a fun and exotic treat, such as in summer in Florida or Texas. A person can find these paletas with an online search, and some searches can be bilingual. A seeker may enter “heladeria en miami,” for instance.

All About Ice Cream

This treat is over a century old, and Americans love it more than ever. Many studies and surveys are done to track what Americans like to eat and drink, and this includes desserts like ice cream. The NDP Group, for one, has found that in any two-week period, some 40% of Americans will eat ice cream. A typical person may eat ice cream 28.5 times per year on average, and if that’s compressed into a month, that makes for near-daily ice cream consumption. Some 85% of households have a frozen treat in their freezer, and a pedestrian may not have to walk far to find ice cream parlors in the area. June ranks as the top month for ice cream production, the start of summer, and billions of gallons of it will be made. Nearly 8% of all milk from American dairies goes straight toward making ice cream of all sorts.

How to eat ice cream? This varies. The classic image of ice cream is a scoop or two piled on a waffle cone, and the cone’s crunchy, mildly sweet body makes for a great finisher after the ice cream itself. Many people even share images of fancy ice cream cones they just bought on Instagram and the like. But ice cream cones can be a bit messy, and they may drip or allow scoops to fall off. That, and they don’t make for good leftovers containers. So, other customers may opt for plastic bowls or cups, or laminated paper cups for neater eating. Not only that, but these bowls and cup are ready-made leftovers containers, and they often come with plastic straws or spoons, too.

A customer looking up “late night ice cream in miami” can find all kinds of ice cream places around, and some of these parlors may also offer related treats such as gelato (thicker and creamier), frozen custard, sherbet, and even frozen yogurt. These treats are typically served in cups and bowls, along with spoons and straws. A good ice cream parlor will stock not only these waffle cones and cups and spoons, but also enough ice cream machines to mix up ice cream to serve. At the end of each work day, employees will rinse out the ice cream makers, then take them apart and wash their parts to get them clean for another day’s work.