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5 Crazy Facts About America’s Coffee Habit

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We Americans love our coffee. Our coffee market is worth about $48 billion, and specialty coffee is a full 55% of that. The specialty coffee paper cups in the United States, which make up 37% of that market, are considered the best quality in the world. If you love coffee, you?ll love knowing these amazing statistics about America?s crazy coffee habit:

How Many Bags do We Use?

Brace yourself. American important 27.5 million bags of coffee. We are the world?s largest buyer and drink a whole quarter of the world?s un-roasted coffee imports.

How Much Does an Individual Drink?

The average person in the United States drinks 1.64 cups a day. That?s a lot of paper coffee cups! While that might not seem like all that much, remember that?s just the national average. Some people are drinking none, and a lot of people are drinking three or four cups a day!

How Do We Like Our Coffee?

Any way we can get it, really. About half our country are drinking specialty coffees. That?s 150 million people sitting around with paper to go coffee cups sipping on lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and iced coffees. As for black coffee, that?s what 35% of the coffee drinkers prefer. Of those drinking plain coffee, 65% are using those stirrers in their paper to go coffee cups to mix in sugar and/or cream.

When Do We Drink Coffee?

The majority of our coffee habit gets satisfied during the breakfast hours: 65% of all coffee consumption. Another 30% is carried out in paper cups to be drunk between meals, and a measly 5% goes with lunch or dinner.

How Important is Coffee to Us, Really?

Pretty important considering a full third of people who drink coffee don?t do anything else in the morning until they?ve started brewing that first cup. Also, 55% of people people who drink it say they?d rather gain 10 pounds that give up coffee, and 52% would give up showering in the morning if they had to choose between that and coffee. Even more astonishing? Nearly half of coffee drinkers said they?d rather give up their cell phone than give up their coffee for a month!

We absolutely love coffee in America. We love the complex aromas and mouth feel. We design custom paper coffee cups to enhance our enjoyment; but we?re also happy to drink it from cheap coffee mugs or cheap paper cups. If anything is our national drink, this might be it; so go pour yourself a cup and be proud to be an American!