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Five Tips for the Best Rehearsal Dinner

Craft beer pub

A rehearsal dinner is an entertaining event that precedes the wedding. It is often the last chance that the bride, groom, family, and wedding party get to relax and celebrate in an intimate setting before the big day. After planning every detail of the wedding, including the venue location, you probably don?t want to spend too much time choosing the rehearsal dinner location. However, you do want to choose a location that meets all of your dining, drinking, and entertainment needs.

Choose a location with an event space

The bride, groom, wedding party, and family can calculate to be a large group of people. You want to choose a venue space that can comfortably hold everyone. Avoid tight restaurants without event spaces, because the point of the rehearsal dinner is to allow everyone to mingle and catch up. The wedding day itself can get pretty hectic and can be difficult to catch up with distant family members or out of town bridal party. Always view the event space before booking the potential place.

Choose a restaurant with good food

Choosing a restaurant with good food is another important component. It is likely that you spent a lot of money on your wedding venue and the chef, but you will find that it is actually very difficult to enjoy the food. You are constantly busy and you are attempting to touch base with everyone, so you find that it is difficult to actually get time to eat. By the time you do get to sit down and eat, the food is cold. Choosing a restaurant with good food for your rehearsal dinner will allow you to get a good meal in before your big and busy day.

The actual menu will depend on you and your guests eating preferences. For the rehearsal dinner, you don?t want to go too fancy. Instead, choose finger foods or traditional burgers. Overall, Americans eat burgers 4.3 times each month or a little more than one per week. Choosing a restaurant that serves delicious burgers and cold beers is a tasty and affordable option.

Choose a venue with a good drink selection

Drinks are often a big part of the rehearsal dinner. All of the planning is done and this is your time to enjoy your friends and family that made your wedding day possible. While you don?t want to get too drunk before your wedding day, you do want to relax and unwind a little. Choosing a restaurant with a large craft beer list will give everyone something they enjoy drinking. U.S. beer refrigeration equipment and draught dispensing systems are designed to hold beer at 34 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold American craft beers are just what you and your guests need.

Choose a restaurant that works with your schedule

Most couples plan their rehearsal dinner the night before the actual wedding event. While your rehearsal dinner is not required to be the night before, you do want to keep in mind that it will be difficult for out of town guests to attend any other night. Most out of town guests will fly or travel in the night before, making it so they can attend the rehearsal dinner. If you have a lot of out of towners, you will want to book an event space with availability the night before your actual wedding.

Avoid a lot of decorations

You probably put a lot of thought and consideration into the wedding venue decorations. The rehearsal dinner does not require a ton of decorations. It should be a low key event that you do not have to stress about much. If you want to customize it, consider offering a signature drink. This could be a favorite of you and your spouse to be. About 84% of craft beer drinkers enjoy choosing their beer depending on the season and are willing to try a new type.

The rehearsal dinner should be one of the most relaxing events of the wedding season. Choose a venue with good food, cold drinks, and a relaxing environment.