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5 Smart Ways to Update Employee Break Rooms

Your employees work hard during each of their shifts. Considering that, it’s understandable to want to reward them for their work. With that in mind, you might want to consider updating your company’s break room. Statistics from Desktime found that employees who are the most productive work for 52 minutes and then break for 17 minutes. In this post, you’ll learn five helpful tips for creating the perfect employee break room.

  1. Hire an Office Coffee Vendor

    In offices throughout the United States, employees love having coffee. In fact, statistics show that 54% of adults in the United States drink coffee every day. Considering that, you’ll want to think about contacting an office coffee provider. These providers can set your office up with both supplies and equipment. Therefore, you can always rest assured that employees always have more than enough coffee to get them through the day. In addition, providing coffee can actually improve certain worker’s health. Statistics show that moderate coffee consumption reduces the risk of developing colorectal cancer by 26%.
  2. Consider Having Video Games on Hand

    You might be surprised at how beneficial it is to have a video game console in your office. These machines are certainly no longer for the younger crowd, people of all ages love playing video games. Considering that, many of your employees will get immense enjoyment out of taking a video game break while at work. Best of all, playing video games has been shown to reduce stress levels. Therefore, video games are great ways for employees battling stress to escape for a few minutes with an enjoyable break.
  3. Leave Snacks for Employees

    It’s understandable to want to control costs while running your business. However, many employees feel that their employers don’t care enough. You can remedy this situation by ensuring employees have access to a wide range of snacks. In addition, your employees will certainly appreciate that they’re able to enjoy a few snacks throughout the day.
  4. Involve Employees in Break Room Brainstorm Sessions

    Many office managers find it tough to make decisions on behalf of their employees. However, this becomes much easier once they’re involved in the discussions. It’s likely that you’re regularly pressed for time. Therefore, use this as a time to have each employee speak about what they want in this area. You could either ask employees one at a time or have them all participate in a group discussion. Having employees discuss what they want ensures everyone is happy with their updated break room.
  5. Include a Quiet Space for Stress Relief

    While it isn’t something you want to think about, your employees are likely to have an occasional bad day. Considering that, these workers might prefer a quiet space in order to temporarily calm down. In turn, many companies are creating quiet spaces for employees to enjoy. It’s best to ensure that this space is far enough away from where work is taking place. In addition, you could also consider placing a quiet room near an area with lots of windows. This helps to reduce stress levels for your employees.

To summarize, there are several ways to update the look of your office’s break room. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by providing employees with a business coffee solution. Considering that, you’ll want to find a reliable office coffee provider. It’s important to find an office coffee provider that offers both supplies and equipment. In addition, make sure you’ve found a service that’s reliable. This way employees can have plenty of coffee and be ready to take on another important work day.