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Are You Looking for a Great Place to Go Out to Eat on a Date?

Being in a new city can be challenge, especially when it comes to finding good restaurants for dates, great places for dancing, and places that provide enough space for large groups to meet together. Knowledge about the best local catering services, the best local watering holes, and where to find the best premium cocktails is not always easy to discern while new residents are adjusting to living in a new space. Through trial and error, however, many people find that they are able to find places that are a good match for their tastes.

How Do You Find Out Where the Best Place Is to Get a Great Burger?

Whether you are looking for good restaurants for dates or you are trying to find a gathering spot for having popular craft beers with friends after work, it is often in your best interest to listen to recommendations from others until you are familiar with a new area or a whole new town.

Finding food in a metropolitan area that is very large is especially a problem if you are looking for a particular kind of menu. Vegetarian diners, for instance, can find it difficult to locate a place that is to their liking. The same can be true for people who are searching for just the right kind of beer. Although there are many kinds of pubs and breweries, it can take awhile to find the kind of gathering spot that you are looking for. Consider some of these facts and figures about the many places where you can get the great tasting beer and burger that you have always been wanting and the drinking habits of America as a whole:

  • 42% of consumers ranked toppings as either the first or second most important attribute in a burger.
  • 93% of imported beer drinkers indicate that the discovery of new beers is popular their favorite activity.
  • 88% of imported beer drinkers indicate that they are fans of domestic beer.
  • 84% of imported beer drinkers love to drink craft beers.
  • In 2014, 48% of 18 to 34 year olds chose beer as their favorite alcoholic beverage. this percentage compares to to 41% of all adults.
  • $19.6 billion is the current value of the craft beer market.

Whether you are new in a city or you are just simply looking for good restaurants for dates, it might be in your best interest to check out a place ahead of time, perhaps with friends after work.