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Why Independent Cafes Are Popular for Busy People From Brewed Coffee and Specialty Espresso-Based Drinks to Soup!

Coffee is one of the more popular beverages in the United States. While some Americans will just drink coffee on occasion, others do so quite often. This is particularly the case with busy people that like to get their coffee to-go and drink it throughout the day.

About 35% of the people that enjoy drinking coffee prefer it black. For those coffee drinkers that like to add a bit of sugar and/or cream to their cup, wooden stir sticks make mixing it all up that much easier. Furthermore, unlike their plastic counterparts, wooden stir sticks are biodegradable. Using these coffee stirrers instead can make a positive impact on the environment.

Whether hot or cold, about half the population enjoys drinking espresso-based drinks. In general, cafes will serve 31% of these types of drinks while the remainder will be cups of brewed coffee. In addition to a few shots of straight espresso, other popular drinks include cappuccinos and lattes. Many independent cafe menus will feature specialty signature drinks of their own creation.

Many delis, bistros, and cafes offer lunch menus which include soup. In 2016, for example, 32.1% of the delis in operation stated that they planned to focus on this aspect of their menu. While both men and women may enjoy a bowl of soup for lunch, women are twice as likely to do so. Recent figures showed that over ten billion bowls are consumed every year in this country. Since there are so many varieties of soup, it can be a satisfying lunch year-round.

When you own and operate an independent cafe, there are quite a few supplies that you need to have on hand. These include cups with lids, wooden stirrers, napkins, and so much more. Whether you’ve been in business for a while or are just opening your doors, you may want to consider adding your brand name to your cups,, napkins, and other supplies. When you personalize your coffee cups and other to-go supplies, this can enhance your brand recognition. Furthermore, it’s also a fantastic way to market your cafe.