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Facts On The Different Types Of Nuts

American walnut

In the United States, there are plenty of different types of nuts that people can eat and enjoy. Some people in the United States really enjoy these different types of nuts and they will eat them almost regularly. The average American will eat tons of peanut butter throughout the course of the year, but there are so many other types of nuts they can enjoy.

When most people think about the different types of nuts they will think about peanuts before anything else. Sure, some people may enjoy types of walnut or possibly pecan tree nuts, but the majority of Americans would say their favorite nuts is none other than the peanut. However, there are so many other types of nuts that come with such a high level of nutritional value. Here are all of the facts on the nutritional value of the types of nuts that are found throughout America.

Unrefined peanut oil is used for plenty of different ingredients and the same can be said for refined peanut oil. But again, this deals with the more popular member of the nut family and it is important to instead spend some time discussing the forgotten members of the family.

A study was conducted in Spain involving men and women that ate nuts and men and women that did not eat any of the different types of nuts. This study specifically involved 8,800 men and women who ate nuts at least two times per week and men and women who never eat nuts in any situation. This study revealed that the men and women who ate nuts at least two times a week were 31% less likely to gain weight as opposed to those who never or almost never ate nuts.

Even though the peanut is one of the most popular nuts in the United States, the other types of nuts are just as important to the health of many Americans. But right now, just about 67% of all nut consumption is attributed to both peanuts and peanut butter across the nation. This is good though because a one-ounce serving of raw peanuts can contain 7 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber.

One single one-ounce of macadamia nuts will contain just about 2 grams of fiber as well which equals the peanut serving. So there are other types of nuts that can contribute to the overall health of someone that eats said nut. Also, Macadamia nuts can contain high amounts of vitamin B1 and magnesium. One single serving will get someone 58% of their intake of manganese.

The research was conducted at Harvard that dealt with the different types of nuts that people take in on a daily basis in terms of consumption. This study revealed that just about two servings of nuts every day can help people fight against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer as well. So there are more of the great health benefits that come along with consuming nuts.

Other studies were conducted that involved the nutritional value of types of nuts as well. One study in conducted in California at Loma Linda University and it revealed that people who eat pecans saw an increase in the antioxidants in the bloodstream in the 24 hours after consumption. Furthermore, eating nuts has been proven to help improve brain function.
In Conclusion

Other studies have determined that people who eat walnuts on a daily basis definitely enjoy benefits in terms of reading comprehension and it has been proven that they help people and their brain functioning. Eating peanut butter is still a great way to consume nuts but people should not forget that there are so many other types of nuts that they can eat. These other nuts will help them with their health and also taste great. On top of this, these types of nuts can be used in so many plenty of different recipes.