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Four Tips for Healthy Winter Eating

Free range pork

It often seems like it is harder to eat healthier during the winter months. In the summer, it is easier to come by fresh fruits and vegetables. With local farmers markets and in season vegetables, you can easily include all of the necessary healthy foods in your daily diet. Then winter comes and your choices are limited. These healthy eating tips will ensure that you can keep up with your healthy eating habits, even throughout the cold winter months.

Learn your local market?s delivery schedule
In the summer months, it is likely that your local market gets numerous fruits and vegetable deliveries per week. You can visit on almost any day and get a wide selection of available fresh foods. In the winter months, however, the deliveries are probably fewer and further in between. If you do not shop on the right day, you could be left with a poor selection or no selection at all. Most markets will inform you of their expected delivery dates. Schedule your shopping trips on this date for the healthiest food options.

Choose in season foods
Depending on where you live, your in season foods are likely to change between the different seasons. If you are unable to get fresh chicken in your area, consider switching to fresh wild caught Alaskan salmon. Wild caught Alaskan salmon has many health advantages that make it a great meat alternative. Wild caught Alaskan salmon has 32% fewer calories than its farmed counterpart, according to data from the National Nutritional Database. Additionally, wild caught Alaskan salmon also averages out at 13 grams of fat in a single half filet, compared to 27 grams in farmed salmon.

Schedule a meat and fruit delivery
If you simply do not have the time available to shop around your local market?s deliveries, consider having your meat and fruit purchases delivered right to your house. That way, you will always have access to the freshest of foods, even during the winter months. Schedule fruit and vegetable deliveries based on what is in season. You can also schedule grass fed meat deliveries or purchase Alaskan salmon online. This convenient way of shopping will eliminate any excuses for healthy eating and you are more likely to incorporate them into your daily diet.

Shop for your food online
The internet continues to expand and become a part of our daily tasks. Not only can you now schedule grocery deliveries online, but you can also entirely order all of your groceries from the comfort of your home. Even if you are running late at work, you can buy your groceries from your desktop computer or mobile phone. In the mood for a juicy steak? You can buy steaks online. Sometimes, it is even easier to eat healthier when shopping online because you can choose foods based on their health factor. Purchase both grass fed beef and free range pork online, without having to search through your local market for the best cuts. Beef that comes from grass fed cows has higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids and offers more vitamins A and E. Shopping for food online is more convenient and a healthier choice.

Many people?s diets change drastically between the summer and winter months. The same foods are not available and schedules can vary from being laid back to extremely busy. Fortunately, with the internet and a few convenience changes, it is easier than ever to carry your healthy summer diet over to the long winter months. You can take advantage of the same health benefits you receive during the summer months, even during the tiring winter.