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Forget the Ice Cream Cone! Here Are 5 Great Reasons to Switch to a Gelato Cup

When it comes to desserts, nothing beats delicious ice cream and frozen treats. In fact, Americans, on average, eat ice cream 28.5 times a year and in any given two-week period, about 40% of the population will eat some form of ice cream, frozen yogurt, or other treat. That means a ton of cups, cones, spoons, and napkins get used each week. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying ice cream from a tasty cone, using a gelato cup instead offers many benefits. Here are a few reasons to make the switch from cones to cups.

1. Gelato Cups Make Cleanup a Breeze

Have you ever watched in horror as a little kid misses that big glob of melting ice cream falling down the back of their hand? Then you know how hard cleanup can be, both for the ice cream store owner and the parents. By switching to a gelato cup, you’ll spare yourself the headache of wiping up melted ice cream and help kids enjoy every last bite without the treat melting on their clothes.

2. They Come in Fun Colors

Cones are tasty, but they don’t give kids the chance to express their personality like a fun gelato cup. The cups, on the other hand, are available in different colors so everyone can pick their favorite. Best of all, the colors are bright making it easier for everyone to remember whose flavor is in each cup.

3. Cups Don’t Go Stale

Nothing is worse than paying a premium price for ice cream cones and watching them go stale a few days later. This mistake is not only costly but disappointing as well. Instead, avoid disappointing people craving dessert by letting them satisfy their sweet tooth with ice cream served in colorful containers. The money you’ll save on waste can be better spent on tasty toppings that will let them further customize their ice cream experience.

4. They’re Great for More Than Just Gelato

Sure, gelato cups are meant for gelato, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for other frozen treats. The cups are plastic, making them more durable than cardboard ice cream cups and better suited to toppings like hot fudge, fresh fruit, and even whipped cream. Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about the spoon puncturing the cup.

5. More Toppings in Each Bite

A gelato cup is designed to give anyone eating gelato or ice cream a taste explosion. They do this by allowing the server to spread toppings more evenly across the dish. With a cone, you’re limited to the amount of toppings you can pile on and, after a few licks, those toppings will be gone. With the unique lipped design of a gelato cup, you’ll get more toppings in each bite. Best of all, you can pile them high without worrying about them rolling off the ice cream or disappearing too quickly.

The next time you start thinking about ordering ice cream supplies, forget the cones! Stock up on fun-colored gelato cups instead.