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Rustic Over Modern Why Traditional Wood Products Are More Popular With Restaurant Customers

There’s something homely about natural reclaimed wood.

Where plastic and metal hearken to modern industry, wood sends the viewer back to another place and time. They invite feelings of warmth and familiarity, inspiring a second appreciation for nature that can sometimes be lost in more industrialized environments. Building upon this psychology is what’s cemented the natural reclaimed wood product as a new and old favorite in many of today’s businesses. When you find yourself reconsidering the layout of your restaurant or bar? You want to use everything at your disposal.

What can reclaimed wood tables and new wood paneling do to transform your businesses from the inside out?

Wood Milled Stateside And Worldwide

Even with the advent of brick and cement, wood remains a popular and oft used material. The United States has milled more than three trillion board feet of lumber since the 1900’s, with wood today making up roughly 20% to even 30% of construction and demolition waste. The reclaimed wood product hits a sweet spot between embracing the natural, earthy qualities of oak and mahogany while providing an eco-friendly foundation. Your restaurant table tops might just offer something else entirely when you switch from one material to the other.

Interesting Facts About The Modern Lumber Industry

Just how widespread are trees on this massive planet? According to National Geographic around 30% of the Earth’s landmass is covered by forests. The majority of hardwood trees take between 40 to 60 years to fully mature, but despite these high numbers the lumber industry is doing quite well providing several sectors of the economy useful supplies. The year 2015 saw nearly three million tons of wood pallets recycled and repurposed. You can find them in used wood doors and rustic wood siding, among others, providing a rugged appeal that can’t be duplicated.

Popular Interior Design Choices Today

It can be easy to hit a roadblock when redesigning your restaurant. There are just so many themes and colors to choose from! Look no further than some recent statistics to give you insight as to what customers hope to see. Reseach from Pinterest found keyword searches related to farmhouse-style home design, such as ‘herringbone wood patterns’, has increased by over 130% in 2018. Sandstone Tint (or 441-2DB) was deemed Dutch Boy’s Color Of the Year the same year, as well. When it comes to style, Americans want nostalgia over modern sheen.

Psychology Behind Rustic Furniture Choices

Let’s continue diving into what makes wood siding such an appealing choice for so many demographics and age groups. Pinterest currently boasts over 14 billion home looks, a category that’s grown by 75% since the year prior. Additional search terms you’ll see getting a lot of love are ‘classic’, ‘old-fashioned’, ‘rustic’, ‘traditional’, and ‘organic’. Reclaimed wood paneling gives off a feeling of family and security, inviting memories from old homes and more comfortable times. Your environmentally friendly tables create a domino effect that is, slowly but surely, felt by everyone who walks through your front doors.

Choosing Indoor Furniture For Your Restaurant

You won’t be wanting for options. The natural reclaimed wood product takes on many different shapes and sizes, whether to pad out a family’s kitchen or breathe new life into your cafe. If you’re on the newer end of the furnishing section you’ll want to focus on solid wood table tops, wooden chairs, and complimentary coverings. Those that just want to bring in accessories can benefit from from reclaimed wood siding or wooden bar stools. Reclaimed wood, when properly cleaned and stored, can last you for many years.

Times may change, but some things never do. The natural reclaimed wood product is, thankfully, here to stay.