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Growlers 101 Everything You Need to Know

Craft beer and their breweries are garnering more popularity around the United States. The U.S. craft beer market is worth $23.5 billion and small and independent craft brewers now represent 12 percent of that market share. As the beer industry continues to grow, more consumers are looking for ways to improve ways of transporting and carrying their favorite brew from their local brewery home with them.

Enter the growler. You might be asking, “what is a growler?” A growler is a container that is used to legally transport and store beer that is purchased from a store or brewery. Many will have a rubber lined cap in order to make a better seal to ensure freshness. They are often made of glass, stainless steel, or ceramic materials. The beer can last inside the growler anywhere from 2-4 days to a couple of weeks. It depends on the type of beer and how it is handled after the initial pour. There are also mini keg growlers available that provide a vacuum seal keg cap that will

Beer lovers gravitate toward growlers because it gives them the “straight from the tap” taste and feeling. Growlers also provide beer lovers with a chance to express themselves while they enjoy their beer with unique shapes and designs. Having a personalized growler is fun and also helps people keep tabs on which growler is theirs if they are at a party with multiple growlers.

The best gift for beer lovers that you could give is a vacuum sealed growler or one of the mini keg growlers. Having a vacuum sealed growler will ensure that your beer stays carbonated and fresh longer. Mini keg growlers provide the best of both worlds. All come with an auto-regulating keg tap and are small enough to take on a camping trip or transport to a small party.

Caring for a growler is easy, all you have to do is wash the growler and cap with hot water and let them air dry separately before putting the cap back on. Your growler will last for years and give you the opportunity to taste many great beers as long as you take care of it.