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Half Of All Store Bought Meat Contains Staph Bacteria Why You Should Consider Sustainable Meat Brands

Buy grass fed beef

Your diet should reflect who you are as a person. Are you someone that wants to improve their self-image by trimming away excess pounds? Perhaps you’re eager to give back to the world around you and seek out more environmentally friendly businesses to support. Wherever your personal diet may take you, there are plenty of benefits to be found when you seek out grass fed steaks and free range chicken. Unlike conventional meat you buy at the market, grass fed steaks and free range chicken (as well as seafood alternatives) can help you tick off a variety of boxes on your way to a truly fulfilling diet. Check out the top five reasons below you should consider looking into free range products!

You Get More Nutrition For Less

Let’s start off with what will be music to anybody’s ears. Beef from grass-fed cows has been found to have much higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids than farm cows on top of providing much more vitamin A and E. It also has up to seven times more beta carotene, meaning you’re going to be getting much more out of a single meal than you ever had before. Not only are additional vitamins a huge plus, you can also continue to protect yourself from the more common diseases found almost exclusively in meat products.

You’ll Be Protected From Common Diseases

You’re likely careful when you cook your meat. You follow cooking instructions closely and always double-check the temperature with a thermometer so you don’t contract any illnesses. If you’re still concerned, then checking out grass fed steaks and free range chicken will go a long way in alleviating your fears. A 2011 study provided by the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases estimated as much as half of all meat and poultry products in supermarkets have Staph bacteria.

You’re Supporting A Growing Industry

Feel like giving back to your economy? Look no further than supporting growing industries. Although grass fed beef accounts for only 3% of all beef sales in the United States, growing awareness of the safety and nutritional benefits of free roaming meat is causing many Americans to start shifting their views on shopping and browsing. When Americans eat an average of 66 pounds of beef and 90 pounds of chicken on a yearly basis, your dollar will help immensely in turning the tides.

You’re Bolstering Your Personal Health

Last, but certainly not least, there’s your health to take into consideration. Regularly consuming meat alongside a strong balance of vegetables, fruits and grains will help keep you healthy as you go through every stage of your life. Wild salmon has three times less saturated fat as well as 30% less calories, meaning you can enjoy all the vitamins and minerals that come with fish without the additional baggage of excess on your waistline.

The Environmental, Economical And Physical Benefits Of Better Meat

All in all, there are too many benefits to keep track off when you buy free range pork online or seek out local meat farmers. Sustainable meat puts a huge emphasis on reducing strain put on the environment, with cows being some of the biggest contributors to impacting the ozone layer. Wild caught Alaskan salmon and grass fed meat delivery is proven to have much higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals than their farmed counterparts and, very importantly, lower rates of harmful bacteria. Want to give your diet an overhaul? Checking out grass fed meat is a good place to start.