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What Are Microgreens

Edible flowers for cakes

Presentation is a huge part of the food industry; taste is important, but if something doesn’t look as appetizing as it tastes, people aren’t as likely to eat it. When it comes to fine dining especially, people have higher expectations when it comes to their food. They expect great taste, and great presentation. Enter,then, true leaf microgreens.

True leaf microgreens are generally used by chefs in fine dining restaurants to make the food they prepare look as attractive as it tastes. Microgreens are young vegetables that are harvested later than sprouts are, but before baby greens are, making them a happy medium between the two. In addition to coming from vegetables, chefs also use edible flowers for the purpose of adding that extra bit of flair visually and flavor wise; as there are around 100 types of garden flower that are edible and delicious, variety is certainly never lacking for chefs or their patrons.

On average, visits to upscale, fine dining restaurants have gone up 3% in the past year, which adds up to thousands, maybe millions, more Americans dining in these sorts of restaurants now. Though households with incomes of $100,000 or more are responsible for approximately 36% of the business upscale restaurants receive, and fine dining restaurants only make up 10% of all US restaurant sales, the average cost to fine at one of these fine restaurants is a mere $28.55 per person, making dining at these places and experiencing the wonders that these true leaf microgreens and edible flowers can do for your palate more affordable than some might think.

Though microgreens have been around for roughly twenty to thirty years now, they’re really only just starting to be used more and more, and gaining popularity. Indeed, there’s plenty most still don’t know about them. For example, most might not know that for best results they need to be stored at 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit or that they’re rated on a scale from one to five. Any rating less than three means they cannot be sold, or used in your food.

Next time you find yourself with the urge to splurge or just to treat yourself to a nice dinner, and find yourself at fine dining establishment, make sure you pay attention to your decorative food. It’s there to both look good, and taste even better, and you’re worth every cent it might cost you.