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Here’s How Pneumatic Drum Pump Suppliers Affect You

Industrial drum pumps

The world that we live in is vastly different from the one our ancestors experienced, or even that which the few generations before us were familiar with. The rapid rate of advancements in every field and industry across the planet has been pretty incredible. The current human population is over 7 billion, an astonishing number that those living just a matter of decades ago might have had trouble fathoming. Yet here we are, and with more advanced technology, machines, and equipment than ever before.

And it is a good thing we have advanced to such levels. Think of attempting to feed the number of mouths there are now with the old farming or food processing techniques. The inventions and developments that have popped up as time has gone on have been crucial in keeping up with the demands of the people. One sliver of this is the use of drum pumps to transport and store various types of liquids and materials, whether they are pharmaceutical, consumable, cosmetic, or chemical in nature.

Finding pneumatic drum pump suppliers
To meet the demand of an enormous consumer population, it’s necessary for industries to mass produce in order to help their business grow, thrive, and profit. Those industries handle great amounts of liquids that can vary greatly in consistency. The product must be stored and transported in such a way that it minimizes any spillage, and allows for the operator to safely and efficiently handle the materials.

Liquids of different consistencies require different types or strengths of pumps. So pneumatic drum pump suppliers and those providing sanitary pumps or other AODD pumps might not have the same clients. For example, AODD pumps, or air-operated double diaphragm pumps, are often used when large amounts of substances or heavier materials that might be more viscous need to be transported, employing the use of compressed air. Meanwhile, sanitary pumps are typically used with smaller amounts of simpler substances.

Vastly different demands for different drum pumps
Pneumatic drum pump suppliers have many different clients, across so many different types of industry. Consider just a few of the markets that would need to use these pumps, and need to seek out the right sanitary, industrial, or pneumatic drum pump suppliers.

    Industries with drum pump needs

  • Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical
    Cough syrup, liquid medication to settle a stomach, prescription creams. These are all pharmaceutical products that would need to be stored and transported in large quantities. And there are so many other products that would fall under this category as well. Nutraceuticals are similar. Standardized nutrients that are of pharmaceutical grade and regulated by the FDA, nutraceutical products have produced over $142 billion in the global market, and is expected to hit nearly $205 billion soon.
  • Food and beverage
    Perhaps one of the most obvious areas when it comes to industries needing this type of technology, the industry that feeds the American public and quenches its thirst needs a secure, sanitary, quality way to get the products where they need to go. Over the course of just one year, the industry just in the United States showed a 13% increase in average sales. And the approximate sales of children’s food and beverages alone stacked up to a hefty $23.2 billion.
  • Cosmetic
    Another big industry is that which provides beauty products. The mascara in that tiny tube wasn’t always in such a small container. Face creams, toothpaste, lip gloss, toner. With a wide variety of products, the cosmetics industry needs reliable transportation and storage methods just as the food and drug industries do. Across the U.S., this industry creates about $56.63 billion in revenue every year.

There’s an incredibly large human population on this planet that needs to be fed, hydrated, medicated, and beautified in bulk. Our technology has risen to meet the demand. But with all things considered, it’s also time to take into account the impact that the sheer number of human beings and our necessities, and the luxuries we label as necessities, have on the planet as a whole. Too few people give much thought to the processes that occur behind the scenes in order to meet those demands. Readjusting our collective values and priorities would do wonders for sustaining this home that we all share.