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Is Your Family Focusing on Healthy Home Cooked Meals?

True leaf microgreen

The weight loss has been significant. That was, however, your daughter’s goal. Although your youngest daughter is just a 15-year old high school sophomore she has managed to help you achieve a major goal. Her fascination with everything tasty and healthy, including obscure items like true leaves microgreens and edible flowers used as teas was not a passing phase, and now both you and your husband are making more healthy eating choices at every meal.
Passing by the over processed ready made meals and other unhealthy choices you used to make at the grocery store, your daughter’s attraction to adding true leaves microgreens to many of her salads and entrees forces you to focus on the fresh produce side of the your neighborhood grocery store.
Although microgreens have been around for decades, they have recently been featured in the kitchens of famous chefs throughout the country. In an effort to help their patrons find a more healthy eating routine, in fact, some chefs even sponsor cooking classes where they can help their customers find uses for true leaves microgreens in their everyday meals. Understanding that these tasty and vitamin packed ingredients can make a simple salad at home have more impact, shoppers across the country find themselves looking for these microgreens as well as types of edible flowers both in stores and online. With as many as 100 types of common garden flowers that are both edible and palatable, it is no wonder that even family kitchens are becoming places where these ingredients are being used on a daily basis.
After decades of promoting and seeking out over processed fast food items that were neither healthy or all that tasty, many families are enjoying the opportunity to search out and use real and fresh ingredients in their daily meal preparation. Once thought of as merely decorative, true leaves microgreens often take center stage in the plating process for made from scratch home cooked meals.
Do You Make Social Media Posts of Your Best Kitchen Creations?
Some of the meals that are served in the top dining establishments around the country are indeed picture worthy. Perhaps for this reason, social media sites like Flickr have entire groups dedicated to ?I Ate This? posts. The Flickr site promoting the look of prepared foods, in fact, boasts more than 300,000 photos that have been contributed by more than 19,000 members. Other social media sites like Instagram that also focus on visual images continue to grow in popularity as well. Whether it is to show off to friends and relatives or whether it is to capture a visual image that you may try to recreate in your own kitchen, these foodie posts are certainly the rage right now.
The nutritional content and the nutritional benefits of microgreens are a perfect compliment to entire cookbooks that are now focusing on super foods. In an attempt to help Americans lose weight tastefully, full color illustrations show at home chefs ways to plate their healthy offerings that are, in many homes, taking the place of less healthy comfort foods that used to fill the table and clog the arteries. As more and more research indicates that obesity may be a leading cause of dangerous conditions like cancer and diabetes, more and more Americans are looking for healthier, but still tasty, meal options.
And while visits to fine-dining restaurants were up 3% in the past year, the thousands, if not millions, more Americans who are dining in upscale restaurants often want to imitate the healthy and super food rich entrees and salads that they first experience while out to eat. Being able to order varieties of edible plants and microgreens online makes the ability to create these menu items at home easier to achieve.
Did you know, for instance, an entire new platform now delivers fresh ingredients to homeowners across the country who subscribe to prepared ingredient websites. With the option of selecting number of servings as well as the frequency of delivery, these unique meals are delivered to your home and are fairly easy to prepare. All recipes are included so the favorite dishes can be recreated anytime the subscriber wants. Microgreens, edible flowers, and all.