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How to Make Orange Powder at Home

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Oranges are great sources of vitamins and other healthy things. The best part about oranges is that you can make orange powder after you enjoy the tasty fruit. This video will show you exactly how to create orange powder and get more from this wonderful fruit.

First, take your orange and use extract all of the juice. Cut the orange in half use an electric juicer to get this done. You will get a delicious cup of OJ that you can enjoy with your breakfast. Next, remove the left over fibers from the orange peel. You can just use your fingers to pluck away the fibers that previously held the juice.

Set the peels on a separate plate for easy access. Dry the peel for four to five days. When they are dry and brittle, break them up into small pieces and put them into a blender. Blend it thoroughly to get rid of as many chunky pieces as you can. There will be remaining chunks that you can sift out with a colander or other mesh strainer.

The fine powder that gets through the strainer is your orange powder. Use it for natural home remedies and more! For more information, check out the link above.