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How To Streamline Your Commercial Kitchen

Dough roller machine

Running a restaurant can be a hard business, full of lots of complications and high stress. Though it’s ultimately very rewarding, the restaurant life is a fast paced one, busy and constantly moving, in action. Fortunately kitchen tools, like a commercial meat tenderizer machine, can help to simplify food preparation in the kitchen. A professional meat tenderizer can help to streamline a kitchen, helping it to work as efficiently as possible. Other tools, such as a meat cutting machine, industrial meat grinder, and spiral dough mixer, can have a similar effect and also be beneficial to your kitchen.

The restaurant industry is, in a word, booming, with almost 35% of Americans visiting a dining establishment every week. Annual sales are almost at $800 billion, and meat consumption in particular has skyrocketed, anticipated to reach 200 pounds a year per capita by this year. But the majority of restaurant patrons – almost 70% – also love having healthy options when eating out, making the necessity of a diverse and complex menu often necessary. Unfortunately, this can make the kitchen feel frenzied and too busy. A tool such as a commercial meat tenderizer machine can help to streamline some processes in the kitchen, freeing up cooks and chefs to work on more complex, involved tasks. A professional meat grinder, alongside the commercial meat tenderizer machine, can be hugely beneficial as well. It’s important to take care of your kitchen tools and implements, and it’s recommended to keep your meat grinder cold. Every part of it except for the motor should be stored in the freezer for at least an hour before grinding, and it’s important to keep the meat that will be used chilled as well.

Dough machines, from a dough rolling machine to a dough mixing machine, also have their place in a commercial kitchen. Bakeries have risen in popularity alongside restaurants, becoming an over $30 billion industry in 2014. And kneading dough, so essential for a bakery, is incredibly time consuming when done by hand. It can take up to 25 minutes. With an industrial dough mixer, however, this time is much reduced. An industrial dough machine can be exceedingly helpful at a restaurant that sells and serves a lot of pizza as well, as pizza is also in high demand, with 41% of Americans eating it at least once a week.

No matter what the restaurant or commercial kitchen environment, there are tools that can help to streamline the food preparation, cooking, and food presentation experience, making a restaurant experience better for the customer and employees alike. From a commercial meat tenderizer machine to a professional meat grinder, tools of all kinds can provide improvement and efficiency.