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The Case For Bees Why They Are Essential To Our Lives

Bees are very important and are a critical part of the food chain as they are a major pollinator of many food crops that we rely on to survive. However, sometimes bees get a little too close and get into places that are not safe for them or for people in the area. Ground bee control options and safe removal services can help ensure bees stay safe while also protecting people and property from swarms and secondary safety and health risks.

Bee elimination is always the last report because they are an important part of our food chain and have been declining in numbers drastically over the last decade or so. Safe and friendly bee removal pest control options are the preferred option as they allow the bees to be safely removed and relocated where they can do what they do best without too much human interaction.

If you find yourself dealing with bees that are swarming or trying to start a hive too close to your home, and you have concerns about it, the best option is to call a friendly bee removal expert. These experts can help with your honey bee swarm removal and will ensure the bees are safely relocated for you.

Beekeeping kit

Bees are everywhere during the spring and summer months. We see them sipping nectar at flowers, flitting around in our gardens, and we teach children to avoid them, lest they be stung. Some people even fear bees, though there’s usually no need for alarm. Unless you provoke a bee, a bee is more likely than not to leave you alone. We benefit immensely from bees as well – they pollinate our crops, keep our flowers beautiful, our land lush, and, most directly, give us access to their raw honey.

Bees are pollinators, which means that they help up to 90% of wild plants and 30% of crops grow and thrive through the process of cross-pollination, or the transfer of pollen from plant to plant using the bee’s body. Honey bees can fly startlingly quickly, at at least 15 miles per hour as they flit from plant to plant. In order to make a pound of honey, a single bee would need to fly what amount to three times around the globe, or 90,000 miles. But on average, a bee produces about a teaspoon of honey in the entire time that it is alive. Overall, bees are able to pollinate what amounts to $15 million worth of crops every year in just the United States.

Beekeeping is certainly a noble profession, one that requires patience, diligence, and a high level of trust and care. Beekeeping basics require beekeepers to wear certain gear, like beekeeping gloves, for example, and use special beekeeping equipment, like a bee hive smoker. Perhaps the bee hive smoker is one of the most crucial elements of beekeeping, as it allows beekeepers to use smoke to calm the bees and make them accepting of the beekeepers presence. Beekeepers must put in a lot of time, effort, and love to obtain products like raw organic honey and bee pollen. These products can then be transformed into any number of things, from royal jelly capsules to flavored honey straws. Beeswax is also valuable and can be made into beeswax ornaments and beeswax pastilles. A bee hive smoker allows beekeepers to obtain these products and transform them into good. This means that the bee hive smoker is incredibly important to the beekeeping industry, as honey and other products from bees has become increasingly popular.

In just one year, for instance, Americans consume in total over one pound of honey per person. In the decade since 2006, the retail price for honey has doubled. Honey is an incredibly important commodity, one that requires beekeepers and bees alike to be distributed widely around the country and the world.