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Juicing 101, Everything You Need To Know

The juicing market isn’t a new concept, but it’s recently making a significant comeback as a primary dieting concept to living and eating cleaner. Juicing is highly versatile and health beneficial for those with all types of lifestyles, which makes juicing very marketable. The gradual interest in the benefits of juicing has significantly drawn people to the lifestyle of juicing to promote a healthy and balanced diet.

How To Start A Juice Bar

Opening a juice bar is a fad that originated in the 1990s and stuck around because of its efficiency and significant health benefits that leads to a well-rounded diet. Because of the growing culture of dieting and health-consciousness making a comeback, a juicing business is a smart business investment because of the potentially large market you’re able to sell to. Although much has changed, the concept of time hasn’t—people simply don’t have the time to focus on tedious meal prepping or other methods of dieting, making juicing the best option to suffice their dietary needs. You might be someone who values healthy over everything—you’re looking to make a difference.

Becoming a professional juicer is quite lucrative and creative, from making smoothies, protein shakes, or breakfast juices, there are many opportunities to provide everyone with an affordable, healthy and quick meal option. It’s important to focus on the market you’re looking to sell to, serious consideration of doing extensive research into the juice bar market is the best option to understand the logistics behind how the industry operates. Once you’re sure of your market, you need to thoroughly study the competition to know how to properly market your juice bar recipes—looking towards successful juice business for their juicing tips. Being a successful business is such a saturated market emphasizes the business plan required for a popular business, be sure to study different juice bar recipes and the juicing equipment used, like a commercial automatic juicer or a high-quality juicer machine. Learning an existing companies marketing technique is a strong foundation to discover the main operating points of very successful juice bar businesses in the area.

There are a few things you should ask yourself that are key points in opening a juice bar:

a. What is the market? How often do customers purchase; how much is spent?

b. How efficient is their process? What type of equipment do they use, commercial automatic juicer? Sugarcane juicer? Commercial fruit juicer?

c. How do they market their business? What are the promotion tactics utilized, which are the most effective?

The next step is implementing a thorough plan for your business that roughly provides an outline of expected costs and projected income of the business, knowing these numbers are solidified will help a new business thrive and be financially stable during its beginning stages. The primary focus includes rent and supplies, location, target market, insurance requirements, staffing, legal requirements, and the overall marketing plan and budget to reach an intended audience effectively.

Juicing Tips For Beginners

If owning a business isn’t really your thing, but you’d still like to make your own juice bar recipes there are a few basic tips for beginning juicers that’ll allow you to make delicious juices in a matter of minutes.

1. You may hear the term ‘juicing,’ and ‘blending’ used interchangeably, but there are very different. Blending deals with pureeing fruits and vegetables, while juicing simply separates the fiber from the liquid to get a healthy drink.

2. There is no limitation to what you can make. Juicing is highly experimental and taste-based, so making what you think tastes best is always the best option.

3. Most beginners tend to add too much fruit while juicing, which can slow down the absorption process. Follow the 80/20 principle, 80% left greens and 20% fruits.

4. Make sure to variate your ingredients. After a while, drinking the same drinks may become tedious and tasteless. Be sure to try to eat a different vegetable each day of the week.

5. When discussing juicing equipment, it depends on how particular you are about the juicing process. Some people are fine with a commercial automatic juicer while others prefer a high-quality juicer machine to produce some of the best drink. Typically, beginners choose a commercial automatic juicer. Again, it’s all about preference.