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Taking A Closer Look At The Many Benefits Of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is ideal for many reasons. From reclaimed spruce wood to reclaimed cherry wood to reclaimed elm wood, reclaimed wood is growing in popularity, a good thing on many counts. Perhaps most importantly of all, reclaimed wood like reclaimed spruce can be used to reduce the amount of wood waste that is suffered not only here in the United States but truly all around the world as well.

In fact, wood waste and overwhelming amounts of wood usage is a growing problem. Currently, it’s estimated that forests cover as much as thirty percent of the entire world, but this is a number that is likely to change if deforestation continues at the rate that it has been moving. And though we can plant new trees to try to make up for the old ones, hardwood trees can sometimes take as many as sixty years before they are considered to be fully matured, and they typically take no less than forty years. In the time that it takes just one hardwood tree to be completely matured, multitudes more are likely to have already been chopped down.

And wood waste is significant. While wood has many important and very practical purposes, it is also one of the most wasted materials at any construction site. In fact, up to thirty percent of all waste generated at your typical traditional (and not modular) construction site tends to be wood, with wood making up no less than twenty percent of the waste at best.

Fortunately, the recycling of wood – the reclaiming of it, you might say – is becoming moe and more prevalent in our world as we know it. In fact, in the year of 2015 alone it is estimated that more than two and a half million tons of wood pallets had been recycled. In the years since, this number has only continued to grow and to grow, with the initiative to recycle wood become more widespread than ever before.

In fact, reclaimed wood such as reclaimed spruce and other types of reclaimed wood have become largely popular all throughout not only the United States but many other countries all around the world as well. Reclaimed wood like reclaimed spruce can be used for many different applications, much in the way that never before used wood can be as well.

In fact, reclaimed wood like reclaimed spruce is common for the solid wood table top, as can often be seen in wood restaurant tables. Reclaimed wood siding has also risen in prominence, as part of the trend of rustic furniture and overall style. And the rustic trend isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon, as rustic influences can be seen in just about any place that you look, from matters of home decor to wedding and party planning.

And as the rustic trend of decor grows, so too will the use of reclaimed wood such as but certainly not limited to reclaimed spruce – at least, this is the fervent hope of many who are looking to reduce waste and protect our trees and, as an extension, the environment as a whole. Fortunately for many, the use of reclaimed wood can virtually overtake the use of wood that has never been used before. Reclaimed wood such as reclaimed spruce is often of a very high quality, and even adds a little more character and history to a piece of furniture than the use of brand new wood would have been able to do.

And, as was briefly touched on above, reclaimed wood not only has uses in the home, but in places of business as well. From the restaurant to the retail shop, reclaimed wood can be used as a mode of decor but also as functional furniture. And many people are looking for brands and companies that commit to initiatives that save the environment (or at least help along the process of protecting it) and are more likely to frequent places of business that have shown that they do this, such as through the use of reclaimed woods like reclaimed spruce and other types of reclaimed wood.

In many ways, reclaimed wood is the future.