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4 Essential Types of Equipment for Pizzerias

When you are hungry and love pizza, there are few places you’d rather go than to a pizza parlor. You can often get the best pizza and wings deal at a local pizza shop. Local pizzerias often serve some unusual pizza types, like Chicago deep pan pizza.

The best pizza and wings delivery near me could be a locally owned shop or a national chain. If you are looking for an Italian kitchen pizzeria, these often have local owners who want to bring a taste of Italy to their communities. Pizza restaurants are still some of our favorite restaurants, and they always seem to have something new and different to offer. It’s a great place to go to spend time with friends or family as well as to eat pizza.

If you’re making of the most popular foods, it’s likely that pizza makes an appearance. Statistics gathered from Technomic’s 2016 Pizza Consumer Trend Report found that nearly 41% of consumers eat pizza once a week. Therefore, many find that owning a pizzeria is both a popular and profitable decision. However, it’s difficult for any eatery to be successful without the right commercial restaurant equipment. Considering that, here’s how to choose the right equipment for your pizzeria.

Finding Commercial Restaurant Equipment for a Pizzeria

Statistics show that annual sales throughout the restaurant industry bring in nearly $783 billion each year. However, it’s tough to enter this industry and do well without the right equipment. Before purchasing commercial restaurant equipment, take a moment to consider what makes a pizzeria thrive. There are a few important pieces of equipment that your pizzeria needs to stand out from the crowd. With that in mind, here are four important pieces of commercial restaurant equipment to have in a pizzeria.

Pizza Ovens

One of the most important pieces of commercial restaurant equipment for pizzeria is the oven. That being said, you’ll have several categories of ovens to choose from. Certain pizzerias utilize brick ovens in order to cook their pizzas. In other cases, another pizza restaurant might utilize deck ovens. Even larger facilities might find conveyor ovens are the best options. Consider the amount of space in your restaurant and how many customers you’re expecting.

Industrial Dough Mixer Machines

Another important choice is to make sure you’ve found the right commercial dough mixer. However, you’ll also have several options to choose from. That being said, the two main types of this equipment are spiral or planetary dough mixers. If you’re just starting out and have a limited budget, you might consider obtaining a planetary dough mixer. This type of mixer is more like a standard kitchen mixer in that it’s able to mix dough and other ingredients. However, its smaller size and dough making capability won’t work well for all pizza restaurants. Spiral dough mixers work better for larger scale pizzerias needing to keep up with customer demand.

Dough Sheeters

It’s also important for pizzeria owners to consider owning dough sheeters. These items work for handling both pizza dough and pasta, two popular ingredients at most pizzerias. Commercial dough sheeters are easily able to press out both doughs and pastas. In turn, this mean not having to spend extra time having workers prepare these ingredients by hand. If you’re wanting to offer fast and delicious dishes, it’s wise to think about owning a dough sheeter.

Electric Meat Cutters

One study found that meat consumption is rapidly increasing throughout the United States. It’s estimated that meat consumption has reached levels of over 200 pounds a year per capita. That being said, many people consume these meats by eating pizza featuring delicious toppings. Many pizzas feature sausage, pepperoni, salami, and other meats. If you’re planning on offering handmade pizza, it’s wise to think about purchasing electric meat cutters. This will save you immense amounts of time during food preparation tasks.

In closing, it’s understandable to wonder what types of equipment you’ll need in a pizzeria. If you’re ready to begin purchasing these types of equipment, it’s important to partner with a reliable supplier. In turn, you’ll soon be able to begin providing your customers with a wide range of delicious pizzas.