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The Right Coffee Cup for You

The world is a place where people love to drink coffee. It has become nearly synonymous with energizing oneself for the day, as well as status and fashion in hot beverages, rivaling tea worldwide for popularity and consumption options. Whether iced, with sugar and cream, plain black, or in an expensive mug or just a paper cup, there’s always the right way to drink coffee for energy and flavor alike, and there’s a big business to support it.

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As stated above, there is a plethora of options for coffee drinking, ranging from simple to exquisite and flavorful, expensive and budget alike. There are plenty of people who drink it, and just as wide a variety: half of the American population, around 150 million people, drinks cappuccinos, lattes, iced or cold coffee, or espresso. Coffee accessories include the popular sugar and creamer for mixed coffee, where 65% of drinkers prefer adding sugar and/or cream, while 35% prefer simple black coffee. In the world of business, independent coffee shops usually sell 31% of espresso-based drinks, and the rest that they sell is brewed coffee.

The drinking vessels are another thing to consider. Sometimes, for cheap and quick coffee before or at work, a white paper cup may do the job for simple black coffee, although a solid mug, even cheap coffee mugs, are probably best for mixed and fancier coffees. For coffee on the go, paper hot cups with lids are the best choice, since they are leak-resistant and are easily held with one hand while the person is walking, on an elevator, or driving a car (and can be placed in the car’s drink holders). Cheap coffee mugs, meanwhile, are a solid option for office workers more dedicated to their drink. An office’s break room could have a coffee maker in it with features like sugar packets, cream, and anything else, and mixing all that in cheap coffee mugs can be a good experience. Aside from that, cheap coffee mugs can be fun and easy to collect, with different sizes, colors, and brands on them, and can personalize anyone’s coffee collection and hobby.

The Business of Coffee

The United States is a voracious market for coffee. Right now, the retail value of coffee is estimated to be $48 billion, and specialty comprises 55% of the value share. Also, this country is the world’s biggest market overall for coffee, importing some 27.5 million bags of coffee in 2014 alone, accounting for 25% of the world’s un-roasted coffee imports. There is plenty of drinking to match: on average, American consumers drink 1.64 cups of coffee per day, and a lot of it is brewed at home; 86% of past-day drinkers said that they made coffee at home, which also enables the market for coffee makers of all kinds, espresso makers, cheap coffee mugs, luxury mugs, stir sticks, paper cups, and more to contain all this liquid. A good drink of coffee ought to be in the most affordable, convenient, and appropriate vessel, and home enthusiasts might keep a collection of novelty or cheap coffee mugs, while businessmen and women on the go will probably be satisfied with paper cups with lids while commuting or traveling for work.