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The Three Benefits of Having Custom Made Ice Cream Cups

Ice cream cups with lids

When it comes to ice cream, there is hardly a country in the world more obsessed with it than the United States. Whether it be as a dessert or on a special, individual occasion, ice cream is a source of joy and pleasure for many people. The average American will et ice cream almost 29 times a year. That can pose a great opportunity.

If you sell ice cream or will be serving it anytime soon at an event or gathering, you might want to consider how useful it can be to have custom ice cream cup on hand. Here are the three benefits to having custom ice cream cups at your next scooping affair.

1.) You can get your brand out there.

If you are a restaurant or a catering business that serves ice cream, you already know that you need something to serve the ice cream in. Ice cream cups with lids have long been the standard, but you can go one step beyond the standard. Custom ice cream cups give you the opportunity to print your logo on the cups, getting your brand out into the world. People will see the cups and know who you are. It is difficult to measure just how important that can be to your business.

2.) You can capitalize on social media.

One way or another, nine out of ten households will indulge regularly in some sort of frozen dessert treat. If you have custom ice cream cups, you can serve them their ice cream in cups that have not only your name and logo on them but also your social media information. The more a person gets to see information like that, the more they will be apt to use it. When a Facebook page or a Twitter handle is seen on the cups, people will check out what you and your business are up to.

3.) You can have a keepsake.

In any given two-week period, 40% of Americans will have ice cream to eat, whether it be for an occasion or for no reason at all. Many times, such as at a wedding or other important event, custom ice cream cups can be used as a keepsake for the people who come to the event. I nice, custom-made cup can be a wonderful reminder of a wonderful time.

In many cases, you can also have a QR code printed on the cup. This can be very important in leading people to internet sites you would like them to visit. Maybe you are a charity or support a special cause. Custom ice cream cups can do a great deal more than hold ice cream.