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Reasons to Buy Your Meat From a Reputable Market

Buy meat in bulk

Have you ever visited a meat market or purchased your meat products from one? Americans are starting to consider new and better ways to purchase their meat products. Instead of going to the grocery store and buying frozen meat from big name brands, they?re starting to think about the production of meat and the quality of the meat they eat. That?s one reason why they?re turning to online meat sales and buying bulk meat online or at a meat market near them that they trust.

Interested in learning more about the meat industry and why some want to know more about how their meat is produced? Keep reading for more information about buying meat online instead of in the grocery store.

How the Meat Industry Is Changing

While you can walk into any grocery store and buy affordable meat that is fresh or frozen, you can?t be certain about the quality of the meat. One way to do your own research and learn about where your meat products come from is by buying from family-owned farms and ranches. Currently, in the United States there are around 900,000 operations, according to the National Cattlemen?s Beef Association. Out of these, nearly 90% of them are family-owned and operated rather than owned by a large corporation.

When you choose to purchase from family-owned farms and ranches, you can usually get more information about how the animals are treated, how they are raised, and what the quality of the meat is. The products you see at the normal grocery store don?t necessarily come with a manual giving you that information.

If you prefer to buy beef that is grass fed, you are already on the right track to eating higher quality meat. That?s because it is typically higher in protein and lower in fat levels. One of the main reasons we consume meat is for the protein. Our bodies need protein to grow and function as they are supposed to. Grass fed beef helps us even more because it is full of so many different amino acids. To be exact, it has 8 essential amino acids which are very beneficial to maintaining our health.

Reasons to Consider Buying at a Meat Market or an Online Meat Market

If you are lucky enough to live near a meat market or a butcher shop, you can likely find high quality meat very easily. You will be able to speak with the butcher about the meat products sold at the shop. There?s a chance the butcher can even give you more information about which farms the products came from and how the animals were raised. The more you know about the meat you are eating, the better able you are to guarantee it?s high quality and healthier for you and your family.

For those who do not live near a meat market or a butcher shop, there are still other options for buying high quality meat products. You don?t have to stick to shopping at your large grocery stores to put meat on the table for dinner. Nowadays, you can turn to the internet to find meat products that you trust. When you buy meat products online, you can do your own research and choose who to buy the products from.

You may have never considered buying your meat products online, but it?s actually growing in popularity across the United States. Within the next 10 years, statistics show that almost 70% of families living in the country will buy food online, according to Nielsen?s ?The Digitally Engaged Food Shopper? report. If you were to buy items like bread and cereal online, why wouldn?t you also buy your meat online?

Another great reason to consider buying your meat products from an online meat market is the opportunity to buy in bulk. You can invest in however much meat you want at one point in time and when it arrives to your home, you can simply freeze it until you?re ready to eat.

Will you start buying your groceries and meat products online? Have you already bought food items online before? Let us know about your experiences buying meat online or from a meat market in the comments.