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Three Reasons Why We Love Ice Cream

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Ice cream. We think that we know all there is to know about it — yet each year, ice cream companies surprise use with new flavors and types of ice cream. In fact, there are many types of ice cream across the world that Americans have neither tried nor are truly aware of. If we love ice cream, we should certainly know more about it, shouldn’t we? Ice cream comes in so many different forms. There is the ice cream that we eat in cones, ice cream that is dished out in containers with lids, and ice cream that is served in glass dishes. Some ice cream is considered a fatty treat, an indulgence — while other forms are designed to be “healthy” alternatives. For nearly every type of ice cream, the demand is huge. Each year, ice cream companies invest in lids and cups and spoons. Still, the consumers remain blissfully ignorant about the ice cream industry and all of the marketing and testing that goes into devising a new ice cream product. Below, we’ll look into some fun — and perhaps interesting — facts that might reveal insight into the ice cream industry. So — sit down, relax, and remove the lids from your tubs of ice cream so that you can dig in.

1. Ice Cream Is A Worldwide Phenomenon

Worldwide, there are so many different types of ice cream that people can choose to eat. For that matter, there are many different types of ice cream simply within the United States. In a sense, shaved ice is a form of ice cream, and in fact can be combined with cream topping to make an entirely new spin on the dessert. Frozen yogurt is also a different type of ice cream. The main difference between frozen yogurt and ice cream is that the former is slightly more “tart” than the latter, with a different consistency. Frozen yogurt also more commonly comes with topping than traditional ice cream. Gelato is another type of ice cream many are familiar with. Made in Italy — and rarely served in the tubs with lids that many Americans associated with store-bought ice cream — gelato has a different consistency and makeup. After the churning process, ice cream contains about 50% air. Gelato, on the other hand, has 20% to 30% air, and 3% to 8% milkfat – more milkfat than American ice cream. This makes gelato heavier and creamier than American ice cream. So no, not all forms of ice cream are the same — and not all are created equal!

2. Ice Cream Flavors Are Broader Than You’d Think

There is a wide variety of ice cream flavors on the market. The fact is that people get bored with different types of ice cream, and want something new. The ice cream market has to supply them with something new — and each year, the flavors get crazier and crazier. There is bacon-flavored ice cream on the market, flavors aimed towards the holidays, and much more. There are also ice creams that are geared towards more natural flavorings, such as fruit flavors made with real pieces of fruit. Yet at the same time, the flavors that remain the most popular are those that are classic — something as simple as chocolate ice cream conjures up a lot of nostalgia for many people. But it’s vanilla that reigns supreme. At 28%, vanilla remains the most popular flavor according to the International Ice Cream Association member companies.

3. Ice Cream Is A Staple

Ice cream was meant only for the summer — but this is no longer the case. Ice cream can be served after Christmas dinner; as a dessert at Thanksgiving; or perhaps not for dessert at all. People eat ice cream because they love it and because it’s simple — people can even eat ice cream if they lack their own teeth. No wonder we love ice cream. In many ways, it has truly become a staple.