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Three Reasons Your Office Has Got to Get a Coffee Machine

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Are your employees griping about the lack of caffeine? Do they disappear to grab coffee a half dozen times a day? Are you just looking to make the office a more inviting and healthful workplace? Maybe you should be considering how some kind of coffee service for your office, a single cup office coffee machine, or an office coffee machine might improve things.

Coffee Is Good For You

Your employees will be more productive with coffee, and if you think that?s just because of the caffeine, think again. When the Desktime app, that tracks the time employees spend on various pursuits, looked at average employee activity, it found that the most productive employees work for 52 minutes and take a break for 17 minutes.

17 minutes isn?t quite enough time to run out for coffee, but it is enough time to grab some single cup office coffee and savor it before going back to the desk, refreshed to continue work.

That?s not to discount caffeine, of course. It helps us fight sluggishness and keep mentally alert for up to six hours. It also improves general energy levels and endurance: good reasons to get a coffee machine for the office.

Coffee is Good For the Employee

Take your pick of health benefits, really. A gram of coffee provides 1.8 grams of important dietary fiber, and the Harvard School of Public Health found that the likelihood of developing depression dropped by 20% for women who drank at least four cups per day.

Moderate coffee drinking is also associated with a 26% drop in the risk of colorectal cancer, and 200 mg of caffeine has been shown in studies to help people think faster: they can identify words and phrases more quickly than without coffee.

Coffee is Good for The Environment

The office environment, that is. Taking a break to grab a single cup office coffee or a splash from the commercial coffee maker gives employees time to connect with each other. This fosters good working relationships and promotes a helpful relaxation about the office. It increases the likelihood of people working together smoothly as a group.

And, let?s face it, coffee just makes people happy. People like coffee, and it might be worth looking into commercial single cup office coffee machines or a commercial coffee service for that reason alone. Nothing kills the mood in the office like running out of coffee or being the one to turn the pot over only to find it old and cold.

Improve your office culture, your employee?s health, and your company productivity with some coffee!