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Water Cooler Systems Are Much Better Than Plastic Bottles

Point of use water coolers

For many, the point of use water cooler is becoming more and more essential in the workplace today. For many municipalities in big cities such as the New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Cook County, Chicago, the use of government funds for bottled water has been banned, forcing people to use the bottleless water cooler and resort to the point of use water cooler. This may be a good thing because bottleless water coolers are superior to bottles in not allowing for bacteria to be introduced. The advantage to the bottleless water dispenser and point of use water cooler is that nobody has to be subjected to lifting and maneuvering the large and unwieldy bottles. This can make employees feel much safer and happier when the point of use water cooler arrives and they can begin to use it right away than having to wait for everything. It seems that a more cost effective and environmentally sound and healthy means for getting water to employees has arrived on the market. Now it is a matter of bringing attention to others about the benefits they shall receive by utilizing this system.

The advantage to using a filtered water cooler as well as a the point of use water cooler serve to provide reverse osmosis water purification systems that can remove almost one hundred percent or more of certain inorganic chemicals, including fluoride, sulfate, nitrate, iron, copper, lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, silver, and zinc. This surely makes filtered water coolers look like the preferred way to avoid nasty germs and maintain a healthy lifestyle. For these reasons, more and more people are looking into point of use water cooler services instead of resorting to the plastic water bottles. With almost ninety percent of these water bottles in the United States ending up in the garbage, it hardly makes sense to keep them around; especially when a point of use water cooler system is out there and is much better for keeping everyone healthy.