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Find The Most Delicious Hummus Spread

Recipes using hummus

Market research in 2010 showed that hummus was consumed in America at a 35 percent higher rate over the previous 21 months and hit sales of almost $300 million. The largest dish of hummus ever produced set a Guinness world record by weighing four tons, or the weight of four cars. Most hummus is used as a dip for pita bread and veggies, though it can also work as spread for a sandwich. Symphony IRI Group reported that hummus was a $5 million business with 15 companies led the market 15 years ago, both today hummus spread and dip is the most popular refrigerated flavored spread.

Easy recipes using hummus may not be so easy to find. This is why purchasing hummus brands from a grocery store is recommended. Several hummus dips and hummus spread may be purchased by visiting a grocery store. Unique hummus recipes, including roasted red pepper hummus dip or roasted garlic hummus dip, may satisfy your hunger for this delicious dish. The chickpeas used for hummus include a lot of protein and fiber, and tahini has sesame seeds that provide excellent amino acid nutrients. This is why hummus spread is popular with nutritionists and dietitians. Nutritionists and dietitians recommend consuming hummus spread with snacks or meals, as it is filling without being bad for your health. If you would like to include more hummus spread with your diet, research various ways to use this item as a part of your regular meals. You may discover new sandwiches involving pita bread and spread. You might also decide to make hummus snacks one of the options you provide for a large party.

While chicken wings, chips and salsa, fried foods and other regular menu items at restaurants and bars are popular as appetizers, hummus is a much healthier alternative. The rise of hummus options as either appetizers or with the main course is probably a result of more people discovering the health benefits of this food. You may want to include tahini, which is a simple dip that is as popular as hummus in the Middle East. In fact, most Middle Eastern cuisine is built around the use of both simultaneously, rather than separately as is common for the American palate. Try a few brands to discover which hummus spread is the most appealing to your taste buds, and then add this spread to your diet as you improve your health.