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What’s Hot, Hip and Brewing in the Beer, Wine and Spirits World?

97.97 million consumers drink liquor with the number of pre-mixed cocktails consumed within the past thirty days reaching 13.43 million within the U.S. That adds up annually and accounts for a total sale of alcoholic beverages ranging in $219.52 billion. Finding new and interesting liquor calls for a visit to a liquor store showcasing spirits ranging from local brews to top brands.

Whether you want to celebrate, enjoy your favorite spirts, wine and brew, or just relax and unwind there is no better place to find top selections of liquor and beer than visiting a local liquor store. Do you crave Delaware craft beer? That makes sense, since Delaware is a craft beer destination with dedicated brewers and liquor stores offering new brews of ‘craft’ ready to impress your taste buds.

You can find brand name liquor, robust and light wines, craft beers along with a small batch of ciders, meads and spirits all from Delaware liquor stores ready to embrace brew, wine and spirit lovers. With over sixty wineries and a rising number of breweries there is no shortage of great tasting local wine and spirits. There are many types of beer and wine available to try, and you should try many. You never know when you’re going to taste your new favorite!

Something Is Brewing Locally

Try dark porters, Belgian blondes and many other types of crafted brews and have your passion for craft beer sated. The art of brewing is being preserved by local liquor stores that offer fine brewery selections using natural ingredients. Local beers are known to be fresh, delicious and well LOCAL for a reason!

What’s New in the World of Liquor, Wine and Spirits?

The way liquor is consumed is changing. Today there are options when it comes to liquor purchases including canned wine and spirits. The thought may not seem very appetizing, but the actual follow through is genius.

Selections such as Ruza Canned Rose, Jose Cuervo’s Sparkling Margaritas, Truly Spiked and Sparkling Water and West + Wilder canned wines all prove that convenience is key when it comes to single serving sized liquor options. They are easy to take with you to places that do not allow glass on the premises, and available in delicious flavors. Don’t even worry about a bottle opener, you won’t need it.

Enjoying liquor and wine from a can has just become the ultimate way to celebrate in style. Choose from canned spirits such as The Drop Rose, it’s not the pink zin your aunt drinks, Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer or Barefoot Refresh Spritzers to make your happy hour even happier! Whether you choose full size bottles or fun-size cans local liquor stores are sure to stock these new sip-solo sized canned spirts and cocktails ready to be enjoyed.