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How To Become An Expert In Online Wine Buying

There’s no denying Americans love their wine. They love their wine a lot. For some folks, there’s nothing better than sitting down to a meal and pairing it with your favorite red or white wine. For others, sitting down with a refreshing glass of moscato is a great way to unwind after a long day.

Want to know how much Americans love their wine? It’s estimated that more than 900 gallons of wine are consumed by Americans on an annual basis and that number is continuing to grow with how much United States citizens like to pour the bubbly.

If you’re a wine lover, you know there are plenty of reasons to love it apart from the fact that it tastes delicious. Wine can also be beneficial for:

  • Fighting colds
  • Helping fight cancer
  • Lowers your cholesterol
  • Helping to control your blood sugar
  • Giving your brain a boost
  • Promoting your heart health
  • Helping you lose weight

If you’re a wine lover, you likely know it’s incredibly easy these days to buy wine online and find wine deals online. Nowadays, you can buy everything online whether you’re shopping for wine, clothes, groceries, electronics or books. Believe it or not, there are plenty of sites where you can find wine deals online. Some of these sites include:

  • Last Bottle
  • KandL Wines
  • Amazon Wines
  • Astor Wines

You might be used to picking up wine from the store, but buying wine online is incredibly easy. In fact more than 70% of wine drinkers indicated they find better deals online than they do in-store. For buying wine online and finding wine deals online, follows these tips:

  • Make sure you can get it: Buying wine online is easy, but you need to make sure your state allows you to receive wine through the mail. Check out your state’s rules before you click the ‘Buy’ button.
  • Shop around: If you’re a wine drinker that isn’t picky about what you’re drinking, you can find all kinds of great wine deals online. You can visit sites like or to find great deals and you can even join a monthly wine club if you’re really looking for some variety.
  • Make sure someone is home: Online wine ordering is easy, but if you do order wine, you’re likely going to make sure that you or an adult loved one is there to sign for the wine. You can’t send it to work or anywhere else, so do yourself a favor and make sure someone is home to sign.
  • Do a little research: If you’re shopping for wine online and you consider yourself to be more of a casual wine fan, do some research before you buy anything. You can certainly join wine clubs and you can find plenty of great deals, but if you don’t really know what you’re buying, you may not be getting as high quality of a product as you think you’re getting. One potential drawback of wine clubs is that they pick the wine, so there may be times when you have no clue what you’re getting.
    If you’re more particular about your wine and you’re more likely to stick to a couple of your all-time favorite kinds, you can also find your favorites by doing research.
    Whether you’re looking at different wine clubs or traditional sites, take time to do some research before you buy anything. Ultimately, you want to get exactly what you paid for and you want to be able to enjoy the wine you buy online, instead of settling for cheap wine online from any old online wine shop.
  • Be observant: If you’re a true wine lover, an absolute wine connoisseur, one of the greatest things about buying wine online is that you can find some hard-to-find bottles online. If you’ve got particular tastes, you can also find your favorite brands and vintages and chances are good you can find some great wine deals online. That’s one of the best things about online wine buying: there’s something for everyone.

If you’re a wine lover, you can have a blast wine online shopping whether you’re looking for some new flavors or you’re looking for a hard-to-find vintage.