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When You’re Looking for Specific Coffee and Tea Brands

You’re looking to invite new drinks and flavors into your life because you’re sick of drinking the same, old things. Americans are drinking more and more tea and coffee than ever before, especially with their meals when out with friends or just enjoying some fine dining at home. In fact, in 2017 alone, statistics pointed at the fact that Americans consumed approximately 84 billion servings of tea. About 86% of this was black tea while 13% was green and the other percentage was other types such as oolong and white. More and more often, we’re looking for some of the best places to find specific types of teas and coffee brands that will suit our needs.

Coffee Brands That You Won’t Be Able to Deny

Many people are searching for new and exciting coffee brands to try, especially because in America, we now have more flavors than we have ever had and more roasts to try that could help us get through a day with that extra boost of caffeine as well as taste good. At this point in time, over 50% of Americans over 18 years of age drink coffee at some point throughout every day. Many of us associate coffee with being able to wake up and get a fresh start on our day in the morning. Approximately 65% of people drink coffee in the morning with their breakfast, 30% drink it between meals to get through their day, and 5% drink it with meals. No matter when you drink your coffee, you want to ensure that you are drinking the best quality coffee brands, so you should look no further than a carrier who has all of your needs.

The Popularity of Tea Rising in America

Tea is also becoming more popular and something that many people drink every day for the flavor, the fill, and to wash down a delicious meal. Tea is extremely refreshing and certain brands contain no sodium, fat, carbonation. or sugar – especially when you decide to drink straight from tea bags. Tea can actually help you maintain your health as well. According to research, tea can help you maintain proper fluid balance and contributes to overall good health. On top of that, population studies have found that people who regularly consume approximately three cups of black tea on any given day actually have a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. Approximately 80% of the tea that Americans drink is iced and the rest is drunk while hot.

The popularity of tea is growing across America due to its existence in parties, fancy restaurants, and more where more and more flavors and varieties are being introduced. The U.S. continues to be one of the largest importers of tea and follows right in the footsteps of both Russia and Pakistan. As tea gains more and more popularity, we will continue to become the third largest consumer and deliver the best qualities to all who seek various types of tea for many occasions.