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Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite Ice Cream Dish

Ice cream containers

There are not many people who dislike desserts in general, and of the widely popular desserts, ice cream remains at the top of many people’s lists. And it is no surprise. Something deliciously sweet, cold and refreshing, soft and creamy? It does not get much better than that. And those working in the frozen treat industry could tell you that it is a good business to be in. While many people view the cold treat as a summer indulgence, there is no shortage of people partaking all year round.

Stocking up on dessert supplies

Think about all of the frozen treats that are regularly consumed. It has been estimated that on average, a typical American will eat the sweet treat around 28.5 times in a single year. Of course, there are some who will consume it much more often. In fact, about 90% of households across the country will have a sweet cold treat on a regular basis. And to keep up with the demand, around 1.5 billion gallons of gelato, frozen yogurt, and other similar sweet treats are produced each and every year across the United States. And of all the milk produced by dairy farmers across the country, around 9% is used for ice cream alone.

Now think about all of the supplies that are necessary to provide that large demand. From custom cups and containers to tasting spoons, bowls, cones, toppings, and more, there are plenty of supplies that are needed in order for the business to succeed. Ideally, the business will be using reusable or biodegradable materials, so as not to significantly contribute to overflowing landfills. If we are going to have such an addiction (and how can we not, the dessert is too delicious!), we need to be responsible with the waste that is created in massive amounts.

The popularity of the cold sweet treat

While there are many of us who enjoy indulging in the frozen dessert any time of the year, summer is an especially good time for it. And June is fittingly the month during which the most ice cream is produced. There are many companies in the business that are members of the International Ice Cream Association, and one survey showed that the most popular flavor continues to be vanilla. However the majority is a mere 28%, which goes to show just how many options there are for people to have diverse favorites. And one of the most wonderful things about it is that it is so versatile. Mix it up with toppings, mix different flavors, have it in a cake or a shake or another concoction.

You make the rules when it comes to your frozen dessert preference. And chances are you will continue to find new ways to enjoy it for years to come!