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Quick Tips to Avoid Diet Sabotage

Healthy desserts

Americans spent $55.4 billion on diets and weight loss products and services in 2006. This amount is expected to grow to $68.7 billion by 2010. So you are on a diet. Just because you want to look good in your bikini does not necessarily mean you have to deprive yourself of all of your favorite food. Studies show that individuals who treat themselves while on a diet are actually more successful long term than those who do not.

If you are following a low calorie diet targeted at fat loss, the occasional cheat meal or even cheat day may be helpful psychologically as well as physiologically. Sticking to the same meal options day after day can actually cause your body to get used to the meal, which plateaus you. If you are looking for a new way to spice up your meals without falling too far off of the wagon, the Internet is an incredible source for fat free recipes and healthy meal options.

In the mood for dessert? There are several great websites that allow you to browse healthy dessert ideas, ranging from simple desserts like low calorie cookies to more intricate ones. While it may not seem like much, even low calorie cookies can give you that sweet kick you were looking for, without sending your diet into a downward tail spin.

Most healthy cookie recipes substitute higher fat ingredients such as butter and eggs, and starchy components like white flour. Low calorie cookies are also a great snack option to kids. Most children will not know the difference, and some low calorie cookies incorporate healthy ingredients such as oats and applesauce, which can contribute to their overall health.

Whether you are looking for a way to get your sweet tooth fix without risking your diet, or want a healthy alternative for your children, there are several great resources available online for creative healthy food recipes.