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The Best Party Planning Happens Months in Advance

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As we get further and further into the month of May, we also get deeper into the depths of graduation party season. If you are the mother or father of a 2016 graduate, your planning for their graduation party is probably well under way. And if you are the parent of a 2017 graduate you should start taking notes now.
If you have not already considered hiring a company for party rental set up, you probably should. Right now, go and look at your fridge, your kitchen counter top, your front door. Look at all the graduation party invitations that are already filling up these spaces. Now multiply that number by about three, and know that is how many parties your own graduate is trying to attend. If you think that while he or she is attending all of these parties your graduate is going to find time to help set up for his or her own party, you are sadly mistaken. With your graduate’s busy calendar in the months of May and June parents consider themselves lucky if their own child shows up to his or her party on time, between attending everyone else’s parties.
Having outside assistance for party rental setup can be very helpful. Besides, outsourcing your party rental setup allows you to rent different amenities so your grad can have the party of their dreams. There are not many occasions to rent a chocolate fountain, but a graduation party is definitely one. Similarly, a graduation party is one of the few occasions to rent a bounce house. Party rental setup allows someone else to take care of setting up the bounce house, the chairs, the tables, and whatever else your grad has thought of. All you have to focus on is chocolate fountain recipe ideas, because the chocolate fountain rental and set up will be take care of. And while most people select a chocolate fountain that is shaped like a stepped cone which stands two to four feet tall. This model also comes with a crown at the top and stacked tiers over a basin at the bottom. More chocolate, more fun!
Party Rental Needs Beyond High School Graduations
If you do not have a graduate, that doesn’t mean that you have no need for party rental setup. As the summer months approach, weddings also become more and more frequent. The last thing you want to worry about on a big day such as that is who will set up the tables and chairs. Many party rental places will not only provide the tables and chairs, but will set them up. You can also rent tablecloths, chair covers, and many other linens from the same company.
If your children are younger, party rentals can also be used for children’s birthday parties. You can rent all sorts of inflatables. The typical 15 x 15 foot bounce house that can accommodate up to 10 children or four adults is just the beginning. Party rental places also offer inflatable obstacle courses, velcro walls, inflatable slip ‘n slides, and inflatable boxing rings and volleyball courts. No matter what the occasion, party rental companies offer inflatable fun for all ages.
Who knows? The inflatable idea might even work for the high school graduation party as well.